Enviornmental Science Programs

Nueces County Public Libraries believes in making all fields of STEM available to the community. Environment Education emphasizes key skills necessary to gain and apply knowledge in STEM while improving focus and cognition. Students will have the opportunity to question, investigate, define problems, analyze, interpret, reason, develop conclusions, and solve problems. Through Environmental Science students are encouraged to go outside, be active and learn about the natural world, and helps address health issues in children today, such as obesity, attention deficit disorder, and depression. Environmental Science has shown to Improve Academic Achievement with engaging lessons that can be applied to all subject areas.


Interactive STEM Education

Grade Levels: 5 - 12

Conservation Education

Grade Levels: 2 - 12

Interactive Enviornmental Education

Grade Levels: 1 - 12


Gardening Basics & Nutrition

Age Levels: 0 & UP