Save a Magazine

The Pomona Public Library invites you to Share Your Love of Reading!
The cost of magazines continues to rise and the library is faced with the ongoing and difficult
challenge of maintaining our very popular magazine collection in the face of severe budget reductions. The majority of our magazine subscriptions cannot be sustained without additional financial support. The Friends of the Pomona Public Library have spearheaded a fundraising effort to assist us in maintaining this popular collection.

A small contribution will help save a magazine in danger of cancellation. Your tax-deductible donation in cash or check is payable directly to the Friends of the Pomona Public Library, Attn: "Save a Magazine."

Magazine Donation Questions and Answers

How do I make a contribution?
A donation form is located below. Your contribution can be mailed to the Friends of the Pomona Public Library, P.O. Box 2271, Pomona, CA 91769-2271. Contributions may also be made in person, or online at

Can I contribute towards a magazine not currently in your popular magazine collection?
The library always welcomes suggestions for purchase. Please contact us if you are interested in donating a specific title. All donations added are subject to review by the Collection Development staff.

Additional questions? Please contact the Pomona Public Library at 909-620-2043, Ext. 2701 or Ext. 2706.

I would like to help sponsor a magazine subscription for the Pomona Public Library. The library will use its regular agent for the subscription. I understand all but the most recent issue will be available for circulation. I understand all decisions concerning the selection and location of all library materials are the library's responsibility.

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