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Using a question-and-answer format that employs internal rhymes, Stewart and Jenkins enlighten readers about animal utterances. Can an aardvark bark? No, but it can grunt, Stewart informs us. She follows up with a paragraph of supplementary aardvark facts and an additional spread itemizing other grunting animals. Most subsequent Q&As reference previous questions (Can a seal squeal? No, but it can bark), excepting the answer for porcupines, who can indeed whine. Jenkins' signature cut-and-torn-paper-collage illustrations seem to jump off the page. They are at once boldly simple (set against white backgrounds) and amazingly detailed (a result of the varied textures used). Multiple type sizes add to the book's versatility. Toddlers will enjoy the large-print Q&As, while older children will appreciate the informative paragraphs presented in smaller font. And while there's much to be gleaned about familiar and esoteric species (who knew a giraffe could bellow?), the final spread, encouraging listeners to let loose their own laughs, grunts, bellows, and growls, provides the perfect excuse for toddler participation.--Weisman, Kay Copyright 2017 Booklist