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Happy New Year to all! I hope 2018 will hold many opportunities to serve others and allow each of us to advance along the pathway of life, which is such a precious gift. Being Head Librarian at Roanoke Rapids Public Library is among one of the greatest blessings I cherish because of the wonderful people I meet and the privilege to provide needed informational services. I look forward with anticipation to this year.

Roanoke Rapids Public Library has and is undergoing changes to help citizens in our community connect, learn and grow. We want to encourage reading, lifelong learning and community engagement. Change can be a fearful thing but knowledge overcomes ignorance and fear can be diminished if not eliminated if you have confidence in the direction you are headed. Last year saw our library bring numerous digital resources to our collections with our subscription to OverDrive and our participation in NC KIDS Digital Library. These affiliations have increased the range of materials we offer in e-book and downloadable audiobook forms. I want to add we will be ordering additional digital materials soon. This is your chance to make suggestions of these resources for us to consider acquiring. Before the end of January, stop by the library and give the staff those suggestions and they will be considered. I ask you limit those suggestions to three per person so others may have a chance to have their suggestions considered as well. All digital purchases will go into our joint collection with the consortium to which we belong.

Another change that should be in effect by the time this column is published will be an updated website for the Library. The header will remain the same but the color scheme will be slightly different. There will not be as many tabs on the home page making it easier to view and hopefully navigate. Our website will be the focal place for services we offer and includes our online catalog for your convenience. I encourage you to examine it. It will tell you who we are and what we do. While our library has over 35,000 books or more than 2 for each citizen, we also have 13 public access computers, a copier, printer, DVDs, audio books and digital materials such as e-books. We will not forsake our foundation in lending books in print for a diverse population. However, we are going beyond what has been traditionally library services to provide varied online services of the 21st Century. I invite you to view our website to see what is available.

Speaking of change, we now have a new Library Operations Supervisor. We have hired Mr. Flood for the position Mrs. Rozier held for eight years. Mr. Flood comes to us from Halifax Community College Library where he served as Evening Librarian. He has experience in both public and academic libraries, which will serve us well. Come by the Library and introduce yourself to Mr. Flood. I welcome him to our team.

While addressing change, the need to pay taxes is one area that never changes. Federal and State income taxes come around every year and returns are due for most in April. Often in January, some folks are eager to prepare and complete their return, especially if they will receive a refund. Roanoke Rapids Public Library continues to provide federal forms free unless they must be printed from the computer or copied with the copy machine. At the time of writing this column, the federal forms have not arrived so feel free to check with us before coming. The staff prints State income tax forms off the computer for the convenience of our patrons. The State of North Carolina no longer provides printed forms through public libraries. The basic State form consists of two pages. Because we print these, we must charge so the cost for two pages is eighty cents. We keep tax forms behind the service desk so ask for them when you visit the Library. Roanoke Rapids Public Library desires to be a destination for citizens to obtain printed tax forms.

As always, we continue to offer collections, connections, and community all for you.

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