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Library Information

Library Cards

Who can have a card?
Saluda County residents and property owners, or non-residents who work full-time in Saluda County.

How do I get a card?
It’s simple! Complete an application and present identification showing a current mailing address such as an electric bill, driver's license, school ID, etc.

Can children have their own card?
YES! A parent or guardian must be present and able to provide a valid ID. The parent or guardian will be responsible for any fines or fees incurred by their children.


Circulation & Check-Out Questions

Can I check out books right away?
ABSOLUTELY! You may check out two books on the first time you visit the library. After your first visit to the library you may check out up to 10 books!

What if I am late returning books?
After a one-day grace period there is a fee of $0.10 a day per book for overdue books. ($5.00 maximum fine)

How long may I keep my books?
Fourteen days for books in the regular collection and periodicals, other than the current issue. Books may be renewed up to three times provided there is no request by another patron. Renewals may be made by telephone, in person, or online. Ordinarily reference books cannot be checked out of the library.

How many DVDs can I check out?
You may check out 2 DVDs per library account for up to five days. DVDS may be renewed once.

What if I am late returning DVDs?
After a one-day grace period there is a fee of $0.25 cents per day. ($5.00 maximum fine)

How many Audio Books can I check out? What if I am late returning them?
You may check out up to 10 audio books at a time. If you are late returning an audio book, there is a one day grace per after which there is a $0.10 fine per day, per audio book.


Other Library Services

What else can I find in the library?

  • 23,000+ books
  • Books on CD
  • DVDS
  • LaunchPads
  • Wonder Books
  • Parent/Teacher Resources
  • Genealogy
  • Local History
  • Large Print Books
  • Children's Read Along Stories with CDs
  • Computers with Internet Access

What other services does the library offer?

  • Research assistance
  • eBooks and eAudio books
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher on public computers
  • Internet access
  • Wireless Printing from anywhere in the USA
  • Children's AWE Learning Computers
  • Copy machine -
    • black and white copies
      • size 8.5x11 are $0.15 per copy or $0.30 for both sides
      • paper larger then 8.5x11 are $0.30 per side or $0.60 for both sides
    • color copies
      • size 8.5x11 are $0.25 per copy or $0.50 for both sides.
      • paper larger then 8.5x11 are $0.50 per copy or $1.00 for both sides
  • Fax machine - $1.00 per one sided page
  • Scanning - FREE - You may scan you documents or pictures to a email address, USB drive, One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox or your smart phone!
  • Lamination - $1.00 per page for  8.5" X 11", for bigger jobs it is $1 a foot, ID sized laminating is $0.25
  • Text translation
  • Text to Audio computer for the visually impaired
  • VIVID-PIX (picture restoring program)
  • Libros y peliculas en español - Books and movies in Spanish