Reviews for Strange birds : a field guide to ruffling feathers

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A quartet of mismatched girls find themselves united for unforgettable summer adventures.Lane DiSanti wants to avoid boredom during her summer at Sabal Palms. Her grandmother, Mrs. DiSanti, wants her to join the Floras, a beauty pageant/girls club Mrs. DiSanti's family helped found. Instead, Lane forms the Ostentation of Others and Outsiders, her own version of the Floras, by leaving secret messages for potential friends to find. At first, rebel/artist Lane, foodie Aster Douglas, aspiring-journalist Ofelia Castillo, and bird-watcher Cat Garcia cannot seem to find common ground. However, Cat, a Floras defector, informs them the ancient hat used to crown the Miss Floras is made of real bird feathers. Finally united, the quartet of strange birds begins campaigning to get the Floras' leader to stop using the hat. Their plans backfire one after the other as the Miss Floras pageant grows closer. Soon, the Ostentation must choose to either give up the fight or escalate their efforts. Shifting perspective girl by girl and writing with wry restraint that's reminiscent of Kate DiCamillo, Prez doesn't shy away from acknowledging that the consequences might not be equal for each girl, as they differ in backgroundLane presents white, Aster is Bahamian, and Ofelia and Cat are both Cubanand socio-economic status. As their friendship develops, the secrets they hide from their families and each other might grow large enough to tear them apart.A beautiful tale of the value of friendship against unconquerable odds. (Fiction. 9-12) Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.