Reviews for Farming strong, all year long

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The many vehicles that help the farm run throughout all four seasons. Trucks from Rinker’s previous outings roar up to the farm, ready to work. They meet Big Tractor and Pickup Truck, who show them the ropes. In spring, everyone helps to prep the fields, which involves plowing, planting, and clearing. Big Tractor and Little Tractor are the stars of that season. Summer is the time to gather hay for the livestock. Balers help roll it up. Excavator, Skid Steer, Bulldozer, and others also finally get to show off their skills during this season. The team also works together to construct a beautiful red barn—a moment that will draw comparisons to old-fashioned barn raisings. Autumn finds Combine and Augur harvesting, while winter sees Bulldozer clearing snow and Excavator moving hay. Each season has specific jobs on the farm, with nary a human in sight. The lovable, multiwheeled protagonists get up at sunrise, tend to the fields with smiles on their grills, and roll into night after a hard day’s work, proud of their contributions. Ford’s carefully composed illustrations use color to lovely effect, employing verdant hues for spring and golden yellows for summer. Truck enthusiasts will step right up for this next installment, and urban tots will glimpse a whole new world. (This book was reviewed digitally.) May require multiple readings until the cows come home. (Picture book. 3-6) Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.