Reviews for Silver in the mist

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Devlin dives into the opulent Cerenian court to save her home. Once united, the two monarchies of Aris and Cerena are now locked in bitter hatred thanks to a shared history of betrayal. While the citizens of Aris live in fear of the next attack, with their magic casters’ dwindling ability to produce the enchanted, silvery filigree that holds the encroaching Mists and phantoms at bay, the people of Cerena live in fearless luxury, wasting filigree on ornamental uses. When Devlin is sent into Cerena to kidnap Layde Alyse, their strongest magic caster, she sees it as a chance to save her country and prove herself, both as a spy and as the daughter of the Whisperer of Aris. Going undercover as a Cerenian, Devlin learns about her enemy’s reality: the beauty of filigree art, social inequities, court politics, the true history of their world, and the nature of Alyse herself. The discussions of resource disparities between the countries, the importance of art, and the impact of societal trauma offer realistic parallels to modern societies. Asexual Devlin’s internal struggles with self-image—understanding her strength, dealing with failure, subsuming her own thoughts beneath her mother’s, and recognizing her own value—are contrasted with her budding friendship with trusting, optimistic Alyse. This work contains a hopeful message about pushing through self-doubt to make changes to your world. The cast is mostly assumed White. Remarkably grounded in realism while displaying a fantastic and imaginative nature. (map) (Fantasy. 13-18) Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.