Reviews for Death by beach read

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An engaged North Carolina couple restore an old house reputed to be haunted. Librarian Lucy Richardson and her fiance, Nags Head mayor Connor McNeil, have purchased the house of their dreams. The historic beach cottage needs a lot of work, but handy Connor and his father, Fred, a retired carpenter, have fixed it up enough to move in. All is going swimmingly until Lucy and Charles, the library cat who lives with her, start hearing strange noises while Connor’s out of town. The house was originally built by an old Outer Banks family whose fortunes have fallen. Fisherman Ralph Harper hasn’t lived there for many years; his sister, Joanna, scared out of the house as a teen, has never set foot in it again. As the noises continue, Connor shows Lucy a set of drop-down stairs in the pantry leading to the unfinished attic, a space containing some seemingly worthless Harper family junk and footprints in the dust. Despite changing all the locks, the couple finds a man dead in their kitchen, strangled with Charles’ leash. He’s identified as Ralph’s twin, Jimmy Harper, a low-level criminal who’s been out of sight for years. A concealed panel in the pantry floor explains how he got in, but what was he looking for? Tales of a hidden treasure drive Lucy, who has plenty of experience in solving murders, to look to the past to solve Jimmy’s death. Fans of mystery and romance will enjoy Lucy, her quirky friends, and plenty of red herrings. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.