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Fifth title in the picture-book series featuring a self-possessed young mouse, Angelina, who now needs all the tact and inspiration at her disposal to cope with the theatrical debut of her young cousin, Henry. Henry has been in the habit of accompanying Angelina to dancing school, and his inept but cute efforts earn him a part as an elf in the same ""grown-up"" ballet in which Angelina is appearing as a magic, flying fairy. While Angelina is learning to fly, Henry bumbles through rehearsals, getting lost, but is so adorable that he, not Angelina, is given a speaking part. On opening night, however, it is Angelina to the rescue, finding Henry when he gets lost (again) and prompting him when stage fright prevents him from speaking his lines. Her triumph over some jealous feelings earns her the admiration of the ballet company and some lines of her own. Fans of the series will be familiar with the pastel line-drawings that illustrate the simple text. If Henry's actions render him the more memorably drawn, it is only suitable to the story. Charming, if predictable, and lovers of Angelina will not be disappointed. Copyright ŠKirkus Reviews, used with permission.

Publishers Weekly
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In this latest addition to the Angelina series (Angelina Ballerina, etc.), Angelina is invited to perform as a magic fairy in a real grown-ups' ballet. She's delighted, but less so when her goofy younger cousin Henry is asked to perform in the ballet, too. While Angelina practices flying through the air on a wire, Henry stumbles around the stage, missing cues but nevertheless endearing himself to the cast. Though she's jealous of Henry, Angelina comes through for him on the night of the performance. The book gently reflects an older child's ambivalent feelings. But it is also a delightful story, whose delicately rendered, sweet illustrations invite the reader into the magical world of ballet. (4-7) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved

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Beloved Angelina is back in these reissues. Helen Craig's detailed watercolors bring to life a whole cozy world where a determined little mouse fulfills her dreams. (c) Copyright 2010. The Horn Book, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted. All rights reserved.