Job Description


Purpose of Job

This is a highly responsible professional position directing the overall operations and management of the Stokes Brown Public Library.  Activities associated with the job include daily oversight of all library operations, overseeing the planning of outreach activities and weekly events, ordering materials and supplies, and interacting with library patrons.  Additional activities include responding to patrons’ complaints and concerns, preparing and monitoring annual budgets, cataloging books and reference materials, preparing and submitting grant applications, and compiling data and preparing reports for the Library Board of Trustees and regional and state entities.  Job responsibilities require extensive experience working for a public library, excellent organizational, interpersonal and decision-making skills, thorough experience supervising and directing the activities of staff, considerable experience preparing and monitoring budgets, ability to prepare and submit competitive grant applications, and strong computer skills.  Job performance is evaluated by the Library Board of Trustees through review of the overall organization and operation of the library, ability to raise funds and receive grants to support operations, supervisory skills, and ability to interact effectively with local officials and library patrons.  

Essential Job Duties

o Manages all library employees and provides the necessary direction and support;
o Addresses all human resource issues including the selection, evaluation and discipline and/or discharge of staff;
o Prepares, recommends, and implements public library operating policies and procedures;
o Interacts with library patrons and addresses any issues and/or concerns;
o Orders books, periodicals, reference materials and other supplies;
o Prepares and presents an annual recommended budget for approval by the Library Board,
the Robertson County Commission, and the Springfield Board of Mayor and Aldermen;
o Implements and administrates the approved annual budget, and monitors and authorizes all revenues and expenditures;
o Works with the consulting accountant to prepare bi-monthly financial statements including a statement of financial position and a statement of financial income and expenses for presentation to the Library Board;
o Prepares and submits grant applications to public and private entities to support and enhance library operations and services;
o Prepares and submits required reports and agreements to the Red River Regional Library, the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Robertson County and the City of Springfield;
o Oversees and assists with the development of special activities to enhance the awareness of library programs and resources;
o Acts as the primary spokesperson with the community and the press;
o Makes presentations to civic clubs, church groups, schools, local governments and other organizations to inform them of library operations and services;
o Ensures that the library complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws;
o Works to develop, present and implement long-term plans and strategies to improve library policies, programs, facilities and equipment;
o Compiles data and prepares reports for the Library Board, regional and state library officials, and the local governing bodies regarding circulation, usage, attendance for various activities, budgetary issues, etc.;
o Works with the Library Board and employees to develop short-term goals and objectives for library operations, facilities and equipment;
o Assists with cataloging books, periodicals and reference materials, and ensures that all items are placed in the appropriate area of the library;
o Oversees and assists with the issuance of library cards to eligible patrons and ensures that loaned materials are returned in a timely manner and/or appropriate notices are sent out regarding overdue books and materials;
o Oversees the collection of fees for past due materials and books, and ensures that these funds are deposited in a timely and accurate manner;
o Ensures the maintenance of an accurate inventory of all library books, audio books, items circulated on diskette, equipment and supplies;
o Oversees the development and maintenance of the library’s official website;
o Oversees and assists with obtaining books and other materials through the interlibrary loan program;
o Attends all Library Board meetings and posts notices of meetings, prepares meeting agendas, and ensures that accurate minutes of each meeting are prepared and submitted for approval;
o Works with the Friends of the Library and the Stokes Brown Public Library Foundation to enhance library operations and programs, and to improve facilities and equipment;
o Coordinates fund raising activities to support and enhance library operations and facilities;
o Ensures all expenditures are properly authorized and paid;
o Maintains and submits payroll records and other employee information to the accountant for payment;
o Ensures that the library facility, furniture, equipment and circulation items are properly insured, and that all operating equipment is properly serviced and maintained;
o Develops professional development training plans and schedules for employees;
o Attends meetings of the Robertson County Commission and the Springfield Board of Mayor and Aldermen as necessary;
o Attends conferences, workshops, seminars, etc. to remain current on issues affecting public library operations;
o Recruits volunteers to assist with special events and to assist with library operations;
o Performs related duties as required.

Other Job Duties

o Keeps the Library Board informed of library needs based on statewide and national library issues and trends;
o Provides the Library Board with development opportunities and education on public library philosophy and ethics;
o Solves problems related to funding and seeks out cost-saving opportunities;
o Acts as project manager on large-scale projects overseeing the distribution of funds and effectively completing projects by the deadline;
o Supports staff efforts to achieve organizational excellence and to encourage a library-wide spirit of cooperation;
o Develops strategies for maximizing library service access in response to identified community needs;
o Structures staffing to meet the library’s strategic direction;
o Oversees collection development and accessibility to ensure a balanced, unbiased collection that reflects community needs;
o Demonstrates library-wide expectations for all staff;
o Develops a cooperative relationship with other county and regional libraries;
o Identifies and maintains partnerships with local, regional, and state organizations through participation in community and professional groups;
o Develops personal and staff goals that are measurable and that align with organizational goals;
o Communicates clear expectations, provides consistent feedback, and enables staff to successfully meet goals;
o Ensures high staff morale by inspiring staff and valuing effective job performance;
o Conducts assessment of staff to analyze development and training needs;
o Provides time and resources to review and reinforce job training;
o Facilitates development opportunities for staff to gain necessary competencies and keep up-to-date in the field.

Key Competencies Required

o Extensive knowledge of library science including the appropriate cataloging and storing of books, periodicals, reference materials, etc.;
o Extensive knowledge of TCA laws and regulations governing library operations including copyright and privacy laws;
o Extensive knowledge of automated library systems and resources;
o Extensive knowledge of the Library Board Policies and Procedures Manual including all revisions, updates and amendments;
o Thorough knowledge of budget preparation and monitoring practices;
o Thorough knowledge of grant preparation and submission techniques and methods;
o Thorough knowledge of acceptable supervisory techniques and practices including the selection, evaluation, motivation and discipline and/or discharge of staff;
o Thorough knowledge of networked computer hardware components and software applications (including internet screening devices) utilized for teaching computer skills;
o Ability to effectively supervise and direct the activities of support staff;
o Ability to prepare and monitor annual budgets and ensure the proper accounting of all receipts and expenditures;
o Ability to make appropriate and timely decisions in response to new and/or unusual events and circumstances, patron complaints, etc.;
o Ability to prepare and submit competitive grant applications for additional funding;
o Ability to remain current on new developments in library operations and apply them effectively on the job;
o Ability to prioritize personal time and activities to ensure the timely completion of all job responsibilities, meet established deadlines, etc.;
o Ability to compile data and statistics and prepare detailed reports for the Library Board and regional and state entities;
o Ability to make effective and informative presentations to civic and church groups, etc.;
o Ability to interact effectively with library patrons, local and regional officials, co-workers, community organizations and the public;
o Ability to plan and coordinate special events and activities and perform effective outreach activities;
o Skill in the use of computer hardware components and related software applications.

Physical Demands and Work Environment

This job requires the ability to exert very moderate physical effort in light work, typically involving some combination of stooping, kneeling, crouching and crawling, and which may involve some lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling of objects and materials of moderate weight (10-30 pounds).

Other physical demands that may be required are as follows:
o Climbing
o Reaching
o Talking and communicating orally
o Hearing
o Seeing, perceiving and discriminating depth and visual cues or signals

Work Conditions

Normal working environment.  May not always have privacy or a quiet place to work.


Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university and completion of a Master’s Degree in Library Science (MLS) is preferred, but not required.  The position requires a Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum of four years of relevant work experience including three years of experience in an administrative or supervisory capacity in a library, or any combination of education and experience that demonstrate the ability to successfully perform the requirements of the position.

Must possess a valid Tennessee driver’s license.


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