Internet Agreement

STPL cannot guarantee that information found through the Internet is accurate, authoritative, or factual.  The Library assumes that users have a basic knowledge in the use of computers.  Library staff MAY assist users if they are not otherwise occupied.

Time limits
Computers are available on a first come/first serve basis.  The library reserves the right to end your session after one hour if other patrons are waiting to use a computer.
Downloading to a flash drive is allowed. Downloading to the hard drive is prohibited.
The cost of printing is .10 per sheet of paper (B & W), $1.25 per sheet of paper (color). Please pay at the circulation desk when you are finished.
Misuse of Computer
Downloading to the hard drive and manipulating the computer's operating system, setup or files are prohibited. This includes changing the home page, adding or altering screen savers and adding icons to the desktop. Abuse of the hardware and/or software will result in the user being denied use of the PCs. Patrons will be held responsible for any damage to equipment caused by misuse.
Internet Disclaimer
The STPL has no control over the materials found on the Internet. The library cannot censor your access to material nor protect you from information you find offensive, controversial or inappropriate. Due to the nature of the Internet, not all information you find will be accurate, complete or current. Use your discretion in using this global resource.
While STPL does not censor legal activities, viewing child pornography is illegal and will not be tolerated at STPL. For information, see 18 USC 110 of the US Code.
Parents are solely responsible for the activity of their children while on the Internet.  Library staff do not monitor nor are they responsible for the Internet activities of children.
Privacy & Security
STPL is a public building and users of computer resources need to recognize that there can be no expectation of privacy. However, STPL upholds the right of confidentiality for all users. No one may review the content of a user's internet log files unless so authorized by a court order issued pursuant to RSA 91-A:5 and RSA 201-D:11 or by the USA Patriot Act.  The library cannot guarantee that your personal and/or financial information is secure when using a public computer and will not be held responsible for any breaches that may occur.  Please be sure to log out of your bank, credit card, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc accounts so the next user does not see your information.  STPL is not responsible for loss of any data due to service interruptions or for any commercial trasactions that a user participates in while accessing the internet.
 STPL uses a commercial Internet filter to block Internet access to visual depictions that are obscene, illegal and contain pornography.  It is important to note that no Internet filter is 100% accurate so if there is a concern about what your minor child may access through our computers, it would be best if a parent or other adult accompany minors to the library and be present while they are using the computers. The library, staff and/or Board will not be responsible if the event of a filtering
filtering failure.

STPL staff are authorized to terminate any user's session, or to prohibit a user from subsequent sessions, given cause to believe the user has failed to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy and Rules of Conduct. Users whose access has been terminated or prohibited may appeal the action to the Library Director and/or the Library Board of Trustees.

By continuing use of this Public Access Computer, you agree to the above stipulations.