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"I have a dream!" --Martin Luther King

A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within. —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Book Explorers Review

Local patrons review various new or classic books each month for the upcoming Beacon Bulletin newsletter. Your library also now offers Book Page, a monthly magazine reviewing pre-publication books.

Moonlight and Movie Review

Each month your library recommends a family movie from the media collection adapted from a book or screenplay.

The Lighthouse Treasure Chest

Your library offers a great tool for family reading time. The Lighthouse Treasure Chest is a big book with visual aids to make reading a hands-on adventure.

The Glow @ Your Library?

Your library’s front lobby display will focus each quarter on a special topic of interest related to life in Union Parish.

Match Books @ Your Library

Each month your library will promote a collection books in the children and adult sections. We want our books to be a match that ignites you!

T.O.R.C.H. @ Your Library

Each quarter, your library will host an adult community program focusing on Technology, Opportunities, Recreation, Culture, or Health.

Sunbeams Positive Programs
Each quarter, your library will host an educational program that focuses on making a difference in a positive way.

Candlelight Challenge

In each Beacon Bulletin, your library will offer a brain teaser, quiz, or riddle related to a book in your library.

Smalltown Spotlight Story Time

During the school year, your library offers a story time for preschoolers and homeschoolers on Fridays at 10:00. The 30 minute story time features a selected book, a spotlight on someone special in our community, and a craft project.

Summer Reading Sparkles @ Your Library

Each summer, during the months of June and July, your library hosts a summer reading program to encourage young patrons to read. Incentives are offered to reward accomplishments. A story hour is presenting on Tuesdays at 10:00 by local storytellers within a new theme each summer.

Luminary Book Clubs @ Your Library

Your library now offers Book Page, a monthly magazine reviewing pre-publication books. Coming soon will be online book clubs with topics such as romance, mystery, science fiction, etc. Patrons will receive by email a portion of a book from your library each day for one week. In the future will have face to face book clubs to meet and discuss books.

Home Flames: Your Library from the Comfort of Home

Double-click on your libraries website to find a book, a long-lost relative, or simply to contact us with a special request. Our online website offers a card catalog, events calendar, kids zone, best seller’s and award winning book lists, databases for research, and (soon to come-online book clubs).

Lantern/Loan Shark Interlibrary Loan @ Your Library

Your library shares resources with libraries in Northeast Louisiana (Trailblazer) and throughout the state (Loan Shark). If your library does not have the book you are looking for, request it online or to staff and we will borrow the book from one the Trailblazer or Loan Shark libraries. Ask for a Trailblazer card and visit these libraries yourself with your Union Parish Library card.

Technology Brightens Our World @ Your Library

Your library offers public access computers for email correspondence, internet browsing, word processing, and continuing education. Two children’s computers offer children’s learning software that promote reading, writing, and arithmetic. Coming soon, two adult computers will offer software for GED study, Spanish, English as a second language, and other adult software programs.

Genealogy Gaslights @ Your Library

Historians pursuing family tree research or those simply interested in the history and culture of our parish find a resource @ your library. Online databases, newspapers from the 1920’s on microfilm, cemetery records, and local historical documents provide a wealth of information.

Friends of the Library Shines @ Your Library
Do you love your library? Do you love reading? Do you have something you can offer your library? Do you enjoy making a difference? If so, your library needs you. Volunteers can provide book reviews, host book clubs, help with displays, donate time or energy for special project. No matter your interest, there is a place for you to shine @ your library!

Illumination @ Your Library

Each month your library will provide a monthly newsletter, the Beacon Bulletin by email to keep patrons involved in programming and special interests. The Beacon Bulletin will feature book reviews, media reviews, and much more. Sign up today for your copy.

Rays of Resources @ Your Library

It is our goal that your library will continue to light the way to knowledge, insight, ideas, and creativity. Your library is here to assist with your search for information, whether for a school report, job search, professional development, or personal growth. If you do not find what you need, ask us!