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July 18, 2017 Library Board Notes

Library Advisory Board
July 18, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 5:56 PM. Attending the meeting were Rebecca King, Monda Duncan, Craig Reynolds, Janie Griffith, and Dan Owens.


The minutes of the April 18, 2017 meeting were reviewed, and Craig Reynolds made a motion to approve the minutes, Monda Duncan seconded the motion, and it was approved with a voice vote.

Round Table Discussion

There was in inquiry about the Children’s Chess Classes, and Dan Owens said that attendance was fluctuating during the summer months, ranging from no one coming to the sessions to as many as 6 children coming on one particular Wednesday.

Craig Reynolds asked if the downed tree damaged the library and that led to a description of the damages and power outages caused by the tree being blown down (no damages to the library) and the truck snagging the power line (damages to the power pole, the power box and the eve of the roof). The repairs were made by the City of DeFuniak Springs, Gulf Power, and ITS (the fiber optic internet service provider), and none of the repairs were charged to the library’s budget.

Director’s Report

Dan Owens pointed out the use of the library over the last three months was mostly consistent with seasonal trends with some months higher than last year and others lower than last year. Also when the DeFuniak Springs library was inspected for bats, none were found.

Regarding the Freeport Public Library, Michelle Aguirre, the new Branch Library Manager, began work on Monday. Furthermore, the City of Freeport installed the new out-door book drop.

Old Business

The budget for FY2016-2017 is pretty much on track according to Dan Owens, but there will be a shortfall in the Communications budget line, because the one-time installation costs for the fiber optic network was not budgeted. Dan Owens said the library’s budget will have to have a significant adjustment made to it from another funding source.

There was question about the FY2018 budget and Dan Owens reported he had not seen the detailed budget, and surmised the $30,648 increase primarily was going to be applied to the increases he projected for the Communications and library services that had been increasing due to inflation.
New Business

State Air Grant: Dan Owens explained the Annual Plan and the Long Range Plan were just two components in the State Aid to Libraries Grant application.

The Annual Plan was reviewed and Janie Griffith made a motion to approve the plan, Rebecca King seconded the motion, and it was approve on a voice vote.

The Long Range Plan was discussed and one change was recommended. Janie Griffith made a motion to accept the amended plan, Monda Duncan seconded the motion, and it was approved on a voice vote.

The next meeting time was discussed, and the third Tuesday in October (October 17, 2017) at 4:30 PM at the Walton-DeFuniak Library was proposed for the next meeting. Janie Griffith made a motion for this to the meeting time, Monda Duncan seconded the motion, and it passed on a voice vote.

With no other business to discuss, Craig Reynolds made a motion to adjourn, Janie Griffith seconded the motion, and it passed on a voice vote.

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