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National Poetry Month

Two Haikus by Dan Owens

The blue winter dove
Sings a lovely lonesome song
Where is my true love?

El gato azul
Maullando en la noche
Yo veo mi tumba


Our Castle

Our laughter, our cries: the
chi in its plastic.
Our memories we gave
to the Castle In the Skies.
White walls, a green slide
Stairs awaiting a sky; ready
to be held in play
The ground seems a century away

Cayli Henning


A Great Knowing

Once we were nascent and proclaimed as good
But we became torpid and liked to brood
On how ephemeral our own life is
Some tonsured and prayed and were religious
Others lost their way in fornication
Looking forward to the conflagration
What was good has now become corrupted
The Creator’s plan for us disrupted

Brenda S. Anderson

A Season of Knowledge

When torpid days of winter pass
And spring blossoms are barely nascent
Then summer bursts forth a conflagration
That tonsures the trees of ephemeral fall

Brenda S. Anderson
04/01/2017 Writers Group Prompt: Write a letter to a teacher that gave you a hard time in school.
(In the spirit of the prompt I wrote these two poems using words I came across while reading and
did not know.)


My Best Friend

Her eyes sparkle
My best friend
Her hugs are warm
Beginning to end
And her love has
No conditions
A nice parcel
Given to me
Meant to transform
Days so dreary
No love that lasts
Like my dolly

Brenda S. Anderson
(04/15/2017 Writers Group Prompt: Write about a favorite toy.)


Tastes like orange groves
Warm sunshine
And ripe strawberries

Blissfull smells of food
Fairgrounds and picnics

Sounds like innocence
Laughter and
Playing tag with friends

Touches from the wings of
Lightning bugs and night

Of days long gone by
Seen only
In a blinking eye

Brenda S. Anderson
(04/15/2017 Writers Group Prompt: Write about a favorite toy.)


Life is a Mystery and Is Meant to Be

Ah, the words…so important, yet so unimportant.
So helpful, yet so hurtful.
So spiteful, yet so sweet!
With a smile, I frown.
Both, how the power to turn it upside down.
When I do so.


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