Now Exhibiting - City Hall

J. Brad Holt grew up in Cedar City, Utah.  He is a graduate of Cedar City High School and Southern Utah University.  He spent childhood summers working on his grandfather's ranch in Orderville, Utah, hauling hay and punching cows.   At age seventeen he joined the Utah Army National Guard where he served for the next twenty years as a member of HHB 2/222 FABN.  Brad is a musician specializing in Early Woodwinds.  He spent several seasons as a musician/performer with the Utah Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City, Utah.

Brads desire to become an artist began with a childhood fascination with the images of the surrealists, particularly those of Yves Tanguay. Eventually he was mentored by the renowned landscape painter Jimmie Jones, who was a friend of the family. Jimmie gave him a lot of old paint and brushes, taught him how to stretch a canvas, and showed him how to lay out his palette. Brad recalls: "Raw Umber and Ultramarine were the core of Jimmie's palette, and they remain the core of mine to this day. They allow a subtle interplay of temperature in the underpainting."

Exhibiting through July