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The libraries of the East Albemarle Regional Library system are the very best place to start your child on the road to learning and discovery. Our libraries have books that will appeal to children of all ages and reading levels, from Board Books for the youngest children, Picture Books, Beginning readers and Children's fiction and Nonfiction.

Read to your children from an early age! They will learn to love being held, listening to your voice and looking at the colorful pictures long before they understand all the words. This activity promotes the development of hearing, sight and touch as well as the development of language skills.

Bringing your child to story time at the library promotes a lifelong love or reading and also teaches your child important social skills such as listening and sharing in a group setting. For a schedule of story times, click here.

As your children grow, you will want to make sure they register for their own library cards. They will soon discover that practically anything they are interested in knowing has been written about in a book that can be borrowed from the library. Coming to the library and choosing books together is an activity which is both fun and educational.

If you want to raise a reading child, then be a reader. Children model their behavior after that of their parents. If the parent reads, then the child is more likely to become a reading adult.

For more information on raising a reader, check out Parent's Page American Library Association's Tips for Parents .

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Quiz Bowl: Public Library Quiz Bowl began in 1978 as an academic competition for local high schools, both public and private. Today it may include teams from home schools as well. Local bowls are held December - early February; district in March and state finals in April. Contact your local coordinator for specific dates and times.

Local and district matches are coordinated by local library systems and take place under the guidance of the State Library of North Carolina. The state finals are coordinated by the Public Library Quiz Bowl Committee (PLQB) and are held, televised, and broadcast live from UNC Center for Public Television in Research Triangle Park

Questions asked during Quiz Bowl are from a database maintained at the State Library. Local team officials are expected to come up with current events questions. Local teams are encouraged to submit questions to the PLQB Committee for inclusion in the Questions database.

Quiz Bowl provides a good opportunity for high school students to have fun--and learn at the same time--as they practice and participate in a light-hearted competition which is neither graded nor recorded. It also encourages academic excellence and school/public library cooperation.

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Library Information

Welcome to the East Albemarle Regional Library System!

We serve the counties of Camden, Currituck, Dare and Pasquotank with 6 facilities, a bookmobile which serves Pasquotank and Camden Counties, and 3 vans which provide outreach services to satellite locations and those who are homebound throughout the region.

Your library truly is the best place to start for friendly and knowledgeable assistance for solutions to your educational, recreational, and informational needs. We invite you to visit your local library branch and make use of the friendly services and quality materials that we provide.


The employees of the East Albemarle Regional Library System

Outreach and Bookmobile Services
Outreach Services are available throughout EARLís four county region. If you are unable to come to a library, you may call the library nearest to you to arrange for materials to be brought to you at your home. In Currituck and Dare Counties, this service is delivered via van. In Pasquotank and Camden counties, it comes from the bookmobile. See the schedule below for current bookmobile stops.


  • Library resources located in any facility in the region may be borrowed as Intra-library Loans by users located in any other facility in the region. The Library Catalog (PAC) displays the holdings of all branches. Courier service delivers materials weekly among the branches.
  • Library resources unavailable in the region may be requested from outside the region an Interlibrary Loans (ILL) by any registered borrower. Many types of materials including those in languages other than English are available from other libraries. There is a small charge for ILL service.
  • Materials borrowed from one library may be returned to any other library within the region or the bookmobile. In Currituck and Dare Counties, remote book drops are located at the following locations for your convenience:
  • Library cards from one library are good at all libraries within the region.
  • Internet Access service is available at all locations within the region. Computers for word processing, spreadsheets, and children's activities as well as adult and youth reference materials in electronic format are available.
  • Computer classes on various topics are available at some facilities. Consult the Calendar for specifics.
  • Photocopy services are available at all facilities for a nominal fee.
  • Genealogy and local history resources are available at libraries in Elizabeth City (Pasquotank-Camden), Barco (Currituck), and Manteo (Dare). Micro-format materials and microfilm reader-printers are also available at those same locations.
  • Tax forms are available in limited quantities or may be copied from electronic sources for a nominal fee.
  • Meeting room space free of charge is available at Currituck, Dare, and Kill Devil Hills branches. Pasquotank-Camden's meeting room is free during hours when the library is open but a fee is charged during hours when the library is not open.
  • Children's Story Hour programs are held at all library branches. Consult the Calendar for specifics.
  • The Summer Reading Program is a series of activities and presentations designed to keep preschoolers and school age children interested in learning and reading during summer months. Imaginative interaction and entertainment are planned annually. Consult the Calendar for specifics at each facility.
  • For adults, there are Reading/Discussion groups as well as other program opportunities at various times. Consult the Calendar for specifics.
  • Smart Start is a statewide initiative designed to better prepare young children for learning and going to school. Cooperative activities among libraries, day care providers and other interested agencies are improving the climate for learning and success.


    The Internet is an ever-changing network of computer networks, a global entity, which offers to users a wealth of information. In keeping with its mission, the library system makes the Internet available as an additional source of information, enjoyment and educational value. Users are reminded that much information may be found within our existing collection and sometimes the format of such information may make it a better choice. Because no single central authority controls the Internet, the Library makes no guarantee, either expressed or implied, with respect to the quality or content of the information available. Users are encouraged to be good information consumers by evaluating the validity, currency and authority of information accessed via the Internet. NCLIVE information, which is available by clicking the icon at the bottom of the library homepage, is current and authoritative.

    Users are cautioned that ideas, points of view and images can be found on the Internet which are controversial, divergent and/or inflammatory. The provision of access does not mean or imply that the Library endorses or sanctions the content or point of view of any of the information or commentary which may be found on the Internet.


    The library system provides Internet access to all library users and upholds the right of each individual to have access to constitutionally protected material.

    Users must be careful not to expose themselves to dangerous situations. Users should be cautious when using e-mail, chat rooms, instant messaging, discussion groups, newsgroups, game rooms, and all other forms of communications (as allowed in individual libraries). Parents or guardians have the responsibility to determine and monitor their childís or other dependentís use of the Internet.

    In accordance with current state and federal laws, all library computers that connect to the Internet use a technology protection measure to filter and block access to images that are obscene, pornographic, or harmful to minors (age 17 and under). Filters are not 100% effective and may not filter images that should be blocked, and conversely, may block images that should not be blocked.

    Users may not access inappropriate matter, such as matter that is defined as obscene in North Carolinaís General Statute 14-190, pornographic, threatening or otherwise in violation of community standards. The library is committed to providing an environment free from sexual harassment. Do not display on screens and/or printers materials which may be objectionable in a public library setting.

    Users may not make unauthorized disclosure of, use of, or dissemination of a minorís personal information by means of the Internet, e-mail or any other electronic technology. A minor must have the authorization of their parent or guardian to disclose their own personal information.

    Library users assume responsibility for information accessed. The library system is not responsible for the content, accuracy, or availability of any information obtained from the Internet except through NCLIVE.

    It is the responsibility of the user to respect copyright laws and licensing agreements, or assume responsibility for payment of any fee-based service.

    Users must refrain from altering, reconfiguring or damaging computer software or hardware. Users may not engage in unlawful online activities or misrepresentation. Users may not attempt unauthorized access (including hacking) to any computer system.

    Library personnel cannot provide in-depth training concerning Internet, computer jargon or basic personal computer skills. They can provide searching suggestions and answer questions.

    Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in usage being restricted or other penalties.

    The library assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from its connections to the Internet.

    Users are reminded that because security in an electronic environment such as the Internet cannot be guaranteed, all transactions, files, and communications are vulnerable to unauthorized access and use must be considered public.

    Libraries within the system may elect to charge for retrieved information printouts.


    Libraries depend on and are grateful for the publicís generosity. Gifts to the library are most welcome. One may be interested in donating money to purchase a book, video or material in another format for the libraryís collection. In order to memorialize a person no longer living or to honor a living person, a check may be given to any of the libraries with instructions of what to purchase and for whom it is given. When the item has been purchased and put in the collection, a letter will be sent to notify the purchaser as well as notifying the honoree or the family of the person memorialized.

    If you are interested in helping the library accomplish its mission to future generations, you may wish to consider gifts to the library as part of your estate planning. Unrestricted gifts to worthy future projects may be made to the Currituck Library Foundation or the Trust Funds of Pasquotank or Dare Counties . Designated funds or bequests of larger sums of money to benefit an area or collection in the library may be set up at the time of the donation. All donations are tax deductible.

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