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Check out the following book list to see what to read over the summer! The call numbers for the Greenwood Branch are listed, but you can click on the title and author to view all copies in the catalog.



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Call Numbers: Leased Plan - FIC ALBERT; ebook
In this 26th entry in the China Bayles series Albert gives us a ghost story with a different twist. China and Ruby are cleaning out the junk room when China discovers that it’s haunted. The ghost is persistent rather than scary, and China realizes that a friend holds the secret keeping the spirit from her rest.
Fascism: A Warning by Madeleine Albright
Call Numbers: Non Fiction - 320.533 ALBRIGHT; ebook

Albright draws on her experiences as a diplomat and a child growing up in 1930’s Europe to show us the impact Fascism had on the world and its continuing legacy today. She presents a balanced approach and allows the reader to draw his/her own conclusions. 

The Girls in the Picture by Melanie Benjamin
Call Numbers: Fiction - FIC BENJAMIN; Leased Plan - FIC BENJAMIN; ebook

Benjamin focuses on Hollywood’s earliest years and two of its pioneers, Frances Marion and Mary Pickford in alternating chapters. Frances tells her story in the first person while Mary’s is told in the third person. The impact of fame on friendship and marriage is tragic, but there’s forgiveness as well.
Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry
Call Numbers: Fiction - FIC BERRY; ebook

Berry takes us the small town of Port William and introduces us to Hannah Coulter, who tells us about the town, the land, and the people. A good choice for readers who’d like to return to a simpler time.
In Farleigh Field by Rhys Bowen
Call Numbers: Fiction – FIC BOWEN

Bowen, best known for her light Royal Spyness  and Maggie Malone mysteries, presents a stand-alone novel set during the early days of World War II. The body of a soldier has been found on Lord Westerham’s estate, commandeered by the Army for the duration. At first it looks like a training exercise gone horribly wrong, but the authorities realize there’s something off about the body, and the search for spies begins. Viewers of PBS’ Bletchley Park will enjoy this one.
Faith: A Journey for All by Jimmy Carter
Call Numbers: Non Fiction - 234.23 CARTER; Large Print - 234.23 CARTER

In his latest book, former president Jimmy Carter talks about the importance of faith in his life. The examples set by his family and others shaped him, and encouraged him to make the words “justice for all” more than words.
The Spy by Paulo Coelho
Call Numbers: Fiction - FIC COELHO

Marguerite Gertrude Zelle, better known as Mata Hari, tells her story from a penniless young woman who became an exotic dancer and shocked Paris by her performances and promiscuity. Coelho presents a sympathetic look at a woman trying to make her way in a repressive society ready to go to war.
The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn
Call Numbers: Fiction - FIC FINN; Leased Plan - FIC FINN; ebook; eAudiobook

This thriller isn’t for everyone. Dr. Anna Fox drinks too much, misuses her meds, and never goes outside. She speaks to her husband and daughter only on the phone, and spies on the next door neighbors. Strange things begin to happen, and she wonders if she’s losing her mind. If you enjoy Alfred Hitchcock movies, you’ll probably like this one.
Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi
Call Numbers: Fiction - FIC GYASI; Book Club Kit; ebook

We follow a family from its beginning in Africa to England and America. Two sisters, Esi and Effia: one is sold to a British soldier as his house “wench” and the other is taken captive during a raid by a hostile tribe, makes the Middle Passage, and is sold into slavery in America. Each chapter tells the story of a descendant and their place in life.
News of the World by Paulette Jiles
Call Numbers: Fiction - FIC JILES; ebook

When Captain Jefferson Kydd is asked to deliver a young girl to her aunt and uncle, he tries to refuse. The girl is eight-year-old Johanna who was captured by Indians during a raid four years before. He takes on the job and he and Johanna begin a remarkable journey. Based on a true story.
There There by Tommy Orange
Call Numbers: Fiction – FIC ORANGE

In this contemporary novel, Orange takes the reader into the lives of urban Native Americans. They’ve left the reservation, and dwell in poverty in the city. Dogged by drug and alcohol abuse, his characters do their best to learn their history and maintain their pride in their heritage. It all comes to a smash at the Big Oakland Powwow.

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