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10:00 - Noon

The Lehigh Valley Argus

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Esther Murray donated her entire collection of the Lehigh Valley Argus to the Lehigh Library.

We have digitized all the available issues and they can be found on this website.

Go to the button that says "Online Resources

then click on "Online Databases" in the dropdown menu

Click on "Lehigh Valley Argus" to be taken to the Argus collections.

Library Hours

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Beginning on Tuesday

April 6 2021

the Library will be open

all regular hours.

Please stop in and meet

the new director, Erin Murray,

and see some of the other

changes that have been made to your library!!


Lehigh Public Library Board Meeting

Mon, April 12, 2021 @ 5:30 PM

Public, in-person meeting to be held in the library

241 Elm St, Lehigh 

Please wear masks and maintain 6 foot distances during the meeting

Call to order

Roll Call

Agenda Approval

Minutes Approval

Bill Approval

Public Comment Correspondence

1. Dell email


1. Director’s update: Whofi, Bridges

2. Current budget numbers and expense projections to end of fiscal year

Unfinished Business

1. Establish prices for copy machine transactions

2. Discuss hiring assistant librarian

3. Discuss changes for DVD rentals

4. Summer program updates

New Business

1. Local promotion/advertising for library services

2. Additional time added to clean library

3. 4-H book donations

4. Disposal of old periodicals

5. Open house date and time

6. Develop list of furniture and equipment purchases

Agenda items for the Next Meeting

1. Director’s 30 day evaluation

Upcoming Meetings

1. Regular Meeting: May 10 @ 5:30


Board Recruitment

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