Black and white copies are available for $0.15 per copy. 
Color copies are available for $0.25 per copy.

Faxes are available for $1.00 per sheet.
Scans are free!

SILO- Interlibrary Loan services:

All Northwood Public Library patrons with a card in good standing may request books from another library if the Northwood Public Library does not own the item.  The copyright on the book should be over one year old to borrow from another library.

To request an item through interlibrary loan, please contact Morgan in person, via phone 324-1340 or by e-mail with the necessary information pertaining to the item. The checkout time will depend upon the loaning library's policy but typically is about 4 weeks. There is no fee for ILL, but a $1.00 fine will be charged if an ILL item is returned late. Please contact the library if you need a renewal. Also, please limit your requests to 2 at a time. (In special circumstances we will consider requesting more than that if the situation deems it necessary.)