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Nick Froyd, January 23-February.


I began my career as an artist at the age of two completing my first masterpiece on the back of my mother’s antique family heirloom chair with a stick of butter. After that I did the normal things people do growing up, and always had some form of art in my life, either drawing, painting or sculpting at different intervals. After graduating from high school in 1988, I joined the Utah National Guard to help pay for college and attended classes at what was then SUSC, but did not finish my degree. I lived in Salt Lake City, UT for 15 years working at first as a draftsman then up the ladder into project management and then upper management for a large structural steel fabricator and erector. This lifestyle was however not very appealing and I missed the life and scenery around Southern Utah so I decided to return and pursue a business of my own that would allow me to paint every day, leading to me opening Color Country Art Supply in Cedar City. I feel fortunate that I can paint, draw and sculpt everyday and that it leads me to a place of peace in my life that no other form of activity has given me. I truly hope you enjoy my paintings and that you find them a pleasure to look at.