General Policy

Library cards are in effect for a period of one year.  To renew a membership, patrons may be required to prove current library card eligibility. The current address will be verified annually. 

Borrowing privileges are suspended if more than six items are overdue or if fines exceed $5.00. 

Chippewa River District Library (CRDL) participates in a shared automation system with its CCoMPSS partner libraries. Patron records can be viewed for circulation purposes by the library staff of participating libraries in accordance with the Michigan Privacy Act, MCL 397.601, et seq. All library cards issued by the CRDL are valid at any of the library system's locations or at applicable partners of the shared system or MelCat. However, a patron who is not in good standing at a CCoMPSS partner library will not be allowed to check out library materials form CRDL until good standing is restored.

CRDL honors the library cards of our partner libraries. Patrons are encouraged to utilize their home library card from the following libraries: Pere Marquette, Coleman Area Library, Surrey Township Library, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribal Libraries, or applicable libraries of the Mt. Pleasant Public School District.

All CRDL library cards are the property of the CRDL System and may be revoked for cause.


District residents: All residents of the CRDL, whose boundaries are the City of Mt. Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant School District, Union, Coe, Fremont, and Rolland Townships are eligible for library cards without charge.

Property or Business owners: Persons owning property or a business in the library district are eligible for a library card without charge. Proof of ownership as well as identification are required.

Non-resident teachers (PreK-12): A separate library card may be issued to teachers upon proper proof of employment at a recognized facility within the library district. Teachers may borrow up to 30 books for up to 6 weeks for use in the classroom.

Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative (MMLC) library members: Patrons with a valid library card from a library in the MMLC may check out items from CRDL branches but are not eligible to access electronic resources. In addition to their home library card, identification is required. 

MelCat Visiting patrons: Patrons from libraries who participate in the MeCat visiting patron program may use the MelCat Visiting Patron system to borrow items directly from CRDL.

Non-residents: Non-residents may purchase cards on an annual, six month, or three-month basis, with the same privileges as a resident card. The fee allows each member of a household to have a library card. The card's expiration date will be based on the date of payment and may be renewed at any time after the expiration date upon payment of another fee. Fees charged to non-resident members will be set by the library's Board of Trustees subject to review. The fees are determined by calculating the average annual amount a household within the library district pays in property taxes to support the library.


Photo identification showing current address must be presented for those 18 and over. If the photo identification does not show the patron's current address, then the patron must present additional proof of current residency, which may include any of the following:

  • Voter registration card
  • Mail delivered through the Post Office
  • Lease or rent receipt
  • Utility bill
  • Printed checks


A minor is defined as an individual under the age of 18 years unless determined otherwise by a court order. A parent or guardian must sign a minor's application for a library card, accepting responsibility for items borrowed, lost, or damaged by the child. Parents or guardians must show identification and provide requested address information on the minor's library card application.

Lost Library Card/Change of Address

Library cards are like credit cards and allow their possessor to borrow hundreds of dollars worth of materials. The library assumes that the person using the library card is the owner of that card or has the permission of the owner to use the card.

In the event of a lost or stolen card, the patron is responsible for notifying the library immediately. All materials checked out on a library card are the responsibility of the patron until the loss is reported. Until the library is notified of a lost or stolen card, a library card is valid and its owner is responsible for all use of the card and for any lost or overdue materials and fees incurred. In the case of children under age 18, the parent or legal guardian who signed the library card application is the responsible party.

If a library card must be replaced for any reason a fee of $2 shall be charged.

Changes of address should also be reported promptly, the library may not be able to contact you about important information if your address is not up to date.

Approved: Dec. 13, 2011



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