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Selene DiSilva, aka the Greek goddess -Artemis, has always thought of herself as a loner. But the events of The Immortals caused her to reach out to her Olympian siblings in order to stop a cult that sought to use the death of a god to gain immense authority. She even found a tentative romance with classics professor Theo Schultz, who helped her catch the god's killer. Unfortunately, someone spilled the secret of divine sacrifice, and Selene is furious to discover that she and her fellow deities are once again in the line of fire. Selene is forced to confront conflicted feelings about members of her extended family, as well as her growing affections for Theo. What happens to the goddess of chastity if she falls in love? VeRDICT Readers who enjoyed the first book won't be disappointed, as this time around the stakes are much higher.-MM Copyright 2016. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

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In the second book of Olympus Bound, star-crossed lovers Theo and Selene take on another ancient cult that is targeting the ancient Olympians. Once heralded as the Greek goddess Artemis the Huntress, Selene now lives a quieter life in Manhattan, enjoying the company of her mortal boyfriend, Professor Theo Schulz. Through Theo's scholarly perspective, readers enjoy a fast-paced story in which the ancients including Selene, her twin Apollo, Demeter, and Cupid must outsmart and fight a rising of the ancient Roman cult of Mithras, which is intent on sacrificing each ancient Olympian to resurrect and restore Mithras to power and bring about the Final Days. But the ancient Olympians harbor a few tricks of their own, including a dedication to each other and their birthrights. This battle, a metaphor for progress versus crude brutality, illuminates timeless human depth and the deepest meanings behind sacrifice. Readers who enjoy detective fiction, ancient Greco-Roman myth, and a bit of romance will enjoy this series.--Foti, Nicole Copyright 2017 Booklist

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In this stellar sequel to 2016's The Immortals, former Olympian goddess Artemis, now living in New York City as Selene DiSilva, is drawn into another murder investigation. This one involves members of her own family, who are being systematically hunted and sacrificed as part of a mysterious cult's deadly agenda. Selene and her boyfriend, mortal classicist Theo Schultz, have to rally her estranged siblings, including Apollo and Hephaestus, before they all fall prey to a group capable of using the weapons of the gods. Brodsky's approach to urban fantasy is intelligent, versatile, and esoteric; she draws on mythology, religion, and archeoastronomy to construct a believably complex framework for the much-diminished gods and their world, where contradictory stories somehow fit together. New York City stands out as a character in its own right, its landmarks and quirks strengthening the narrative that twists and turns through public and private spaces. This is a satisfying adventure that remains true to the spirit of the original myths while granting them several millennia of weight, consequence, and even regret. Agent: Jennifer Joel, ICM Partners. (Feb.) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.