Reviews for Small changes : a rules-free guide to add more plant-based foods, peace & power to your life

Publishers Weekly
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I Care a Lot actor Witt debuts with a showstopping guide to making healthy changes to one’s life. Eschewing crash diets, Witt suggests one can improve one’s life with a simple routine of exercise (she favors yoga), journaling, and meditation, and eating a plant-heavy diet. Though she is mostly vegan (aside from the occasional piece of salmon or egg), Witt doesn’t proclaim it as the only way to eat. Instead, she encourages readers to incorporate more plant-based foods into their meals. Tips include how to order plant-based meals when eating out and they aren’t on the menu, how to build a well-stocked pantry, how to shop on a budget, and how to find the best exercise for one’s body and lifestyle. Witt also shares recipes for cilantro hummus, zucchini lasagna, a “sea-free” crab melt, and other dishes that will keep readers from missing their meat and dairy. Her peppy and empowering writing reads like a good friend giving advice, and her suggestions are practical and easy to implement. Readers thinking of making some positive changes should take a look. (Oct.)