Use of Videoconferencing equipment

Video Conferencing Equipment

Thanks to the OK Connect project through the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, the Duncan Public Library has a 55 inch Cisco TelePresence System with 1080p high-definition (HD) resolution in the library's board room available for public use.

Utilizing the video conferencing equipment:

  • Our unit can call anyone who has H.323 access.  You can send and receive video calls from anyone who has this access.
  • You can create high definition video records in addition to making and receiving calls.
  • There are 36 Video conference Units in Oklahoma Libraries
  • Duncan's "phone number" is
  • Up to 40 units or locations can be connected at one time.  If more than two units are connected at once, you need a bridge, which we can access through Oklahoma Department of Libraries.
  • You can schedule use of this equipment by talking to a library employee or staff member
  • The equipment is located in the board room which will hold up to 15 people comfortably.