Gifts & Donations Policy

The Duplin County Library accepts and encourages contributions of books or non-book materials for collections; and bequests, trusts, or donations of monetary or other assets for library purposes.

Acceptance of Gifts
While all gifts are appreciated, some may not be appropriate for the library.  The Library will not accept a gift if the donor’s wishes cannot be carried out successfully by the Library for any reason or do not fall within the Library’s mission, goals or objectives. 

Acceptance of donations is subject to the following conditions:
• The Library will not promise the permanent inclusion of any donation.
• The Library will only accept gifts given without any restrictions or reservations.
• The gifts become wholly the property of the Library and may be sold, transferred or disposed of at the library’s discretion.
• The Library is under no obligation to store or conserve any object.

Gifts of Library Materials
Gifts of books or other library materials are considered for inclusion in the collection under the same criteria used for purchased materials, as specified by the Collection Development Policy.  Gift items will be integrated into the library collection in normal sequence, available to all library patrons, and otherwise handled as any other material belonging to the library.

The Library welcomes the following donations:
• Hardcover fiction in good condition, published within last 5 years
• Hardcover non-fiction on timely or popular topics in good condition (dieting, cooking, gardening, religion, biographies, bestsellers, etc.), published within last 5 years
• Paperback fiction in good condition, published within last 5 years
• Classic fiction in good condition
• Children’s books in very good condition
• DVDs or books on CD
• Local history or local interest books, of any age, in good condition

Materials that will not be accepted:
• VHS tapes / Cassette tapes / Computer games
• Books that are old, dirty, yellowed, musty, tattered, marked in, or in need of repair
• Magazines or newspapers of any kind, including National Geographic
• Encyclopedias, reference books, or textbooks of any age
• Dated publications, such as almanacs or tax guides, from any previous year
• Readers Digest condensed books
• Books discarded from other libraries

Gifts Other Than Library Materials
Gifts of a more specific nature, such as furniture, art, equipment, special collections and real property, shall be referred to the Library Director for consideration.  When funds are donated for specific purposes, the amount and nature of the expenditure must be approved in advance.

Gift Receipts
A receipt for tax purposes may be received upon request, at the time of the donation, acknowledging the receipt of the gift only.  The library will not appraise gifts or attach a value to a donation.  Duplin County Library System is a governmental agency; therefore gifts to the Library may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Approved by: Duplin County Library Board of Trustees
Date: 07/20/16