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6/25/2019 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Fairfield’s got talent! Library employees aim to showcase that talent by offering an educational series for adults called “How-To Tuesdays.” Stop by the library at 5:30pm on Tuesday, June 25 and someone will hand you a passport to free learning experiences. The passport will list all eight learning stations for that 5:30-8:00pm event, and you are welcome to visit them in any order. Visit a station, look-listen-learn, get your passport stamped, and move to another station. Deliver your completed passport to the front desk, and staff will enter it into a drawing for a prize.


• How To Relieve a Horse’s Tension using the Masterson Method
• How To Display a Collection by Councilwoman Martha Rasmussen
• How To Ballroom Dance by Fairfield Latin & Ballroom Dance Association
• How To Digitize Family VHS Movies by Jason Strong, Fairfield Media Center
• How To Welcome RAGBRAI by Dorian Atwood of the RAGBRAI Committee
• How To Recycle Right! by Chris Bettin of Waste Management
• How To Find a Grant by Library Director Rebecca Johnson
• How To Roll Nori Sushi by Jackie from the Hy-Vee sushi counter.

Louisville Free Public Library was first to offer a How-To Festival by recruiting people in their service area to demonstrate 100 skills in one day. Today, if you Google images for “library how-to festival,” you’ll discover that many libraries nation-wide have followed suit. Local Library Director Rebecca Johnson and her husband flew to a Louisville event and found 5,000 people in attendance. There, local residents enthusiastically demonstrated how to do basic woodcarving, repair drywall, sing opera, dance a showstopper, etc.

With Fairfield’s diverse talent base in mind, Director Johnson was inspired to imitate Louisville while adjusting the program to fit our library’s size. Instead of offering one huge annual event, she plans to offer a series of smaller events, beginning with June 25. People who attend each series of 15-minute sessions at the library will not walk away with skill mastery, but their attendance may spark interest in new topics. Relevant books will be on display at each station, so topics can be explored in greater depth later on.

Who do you know with interesting skills to demonstrate? Recruitment is underway for 10 skill categories: Animals, Arts & Crafts, Dance & Exercise, Food & Nutrition, Gardening & Plant Care, Organizing, Finance, Repairs & Maintenance, Research, and “Other”—a catchall category to ensure no talent goes unsung! If you’re willing to demonstrate a skill—or if you’d like to refer a friend—please contact Director Johnson at 641-472-6551 x4.

Contact: Front Desk Staff 641-472-6551