Strategic Plan

Connect - Inform - Entertain

Our Mission
To help all Greenwood citizens be more connected, informed, and entertained through free access to our resources and programs.

Our Vision
All Greenwood County citizens are functionally literate in English.
All Greenwood County citizens feel welcome and valued through our superior customer service.
The Library's collections address the community's need for diverse, up-to-date materials in a variety of formats.
The Library provides community members of all ages and cultures with high quality programs that align with their educational needs and entertainment interests.
The Library extends its reach and engages with its diverse communities through partnerships and collaboration.
The Library's staff members are committed, customer-oriented, knowledgeable professionals who consistently work together as a team to fulfill the Library's mission.
The Library's facilities are clean, safe, comfortable, inviting spaces where our community members can connect with each other and with our programs and resources.
Our Values
Our Strategic Priorities
Understanding our customers' and our community's needs.
Building a customer-oriented culture.
Pursuing alternative funding.
Strengthening current and forming new partnerships to enhance the Library's reach.
Expanding community awareness of the Library's resources and programs.

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