Library Orientation


1.  Students will be able to connect to the library's resources.

2.  Students will be able to effectively search both the online catalog and online databases.

3.  Students will be able to identify different types of sources and know when       each type of source can be used to properly fulfill the information needed.

4.  Student will be able to evaluate the quality of sources used in research.

5.  Students will be able to understand the concept of plagiarism and how to avoid using it.

6.  Students will gain information about using copyrighted material.


                             College Library Information

The College Libraries are located at the Emmetsburg and Estherville Campuses.  Students at all five campuses can access the libraries' collection by using the Online Library Catalog.  The following information will acquaint you with the library's procedures.

Loan Periods:       Books -- Two weeks.  They can renewed                      

                              Videos & DVDs  -- Three days

                              Periodicals  -- No checkouts, but copies made free for classes

Online Library Catalog:  The Online Library Catalog contains the library's holdings of their books, videos/DVD's and vertical file.  It is used to locate books in the College Libraries and the Emmetsburg Public Library.  The Online Library Catalog may be accessed by going to the College Web Page, Student Services, then Library.  Click on Find Books & Videos, then Online Library Catalog or

Intercampus Loan Information:   Intercampus loan is the lending and borrowing of library materials between the college campuses.  When you locate a library book on a different campus, fill out an intercampus request form for the library staff to fax to the other library.  Under normal circumstances, it will take one day for the book to be delivered to your campus.  There is no charge for students to utilize this service.

Interlibrary Loan Information:  Interlibrary loan is the lending and borrowing between Iowa Libraries that participate in SILO.  When you can't find a book in the college library, you may search SILO at   SILO is the State of Libraries Online.  To receive a book from SILO, print the page that has the book information and give it to the library staff to process.  It will take 3-5 days to receive the book and there is no charge for this service.

                           College Library Resources

You will find the library's resources on the College Library webpage under Student Services.  Click on Student Services, then Library or use this link:  The different links under Library will help you locate different sources.  

Database Tutorials have guided tutorials showing you how to use each specific database and how to search for information in that database.  They are video tutorials which can be viewed at any time. 

Find Books & Videos will direct you to the College Library Catalog, SILO- the interlibrary loan database, EBSCO eBooks, Films On Demand and other book sources. 

Find Articles will direct you to databases that have magazine and journal articles, or reports on current topics.  These databases are excellent for writing research papers and for speech presentations.  Included are EBSCO, Gale, Facts On File, Opposing Viewpoints, and Issues and Controversies.

Research and Tools consists of databases like Noodle Tools which can be used to create a work cited page, Writer's Reference Center and Small Engine Repair Center.

Tutorials are a listing of topics that can help you before you write a research paper and consists of topics like Developing a Topic, Generating Search Terms, Citing Sources, MLA and APA Style Guides.