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About the Learning Center
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Lorraine Hodges
Director of Library and Information Services
Director of Career Services
973.803.5000 x1138

Pillar College

60 Park Place, Suite 701
Newark, NJ 07102
973.803.5000 x1138

About Us

The Pillar College Library provides an inviting and friendly atmosphere in the context of being the place most conducive to research and study. The library is located on the 7th floor at 60 Park Place in Newark and has computers and study carrels available for research and writing, as well a large table for groups meetings, gatherings and instruction.

Information resources and services are available for research and study. The Library supports the college’s mission to educate, inspire and equip students for excellent scholarship, service and leadership. The Library is accessible from the college's homepage: The library's homepage is the gateway to ready reference information and online database resources. Ready Reference includes basic “quick” resources such as an online dictionary, encyclopedia, federal statistics, census data, health and job information.

For online database usage there is a permissioning process by which the student is provided with a patron ID and PIN number used to gain access to resources such as EBSCO's host of databases that includes ERIC and e-books. In addition to EBSCO there are many other databases that service student research needs such as Project Gutenberg e-books, Bible Gateway, Christian Classics Ethereal Library, JerseyClicks and so much more.

For our Biblical Studies students we also provide the ATLA Religion Index through which full-text journal articles are available. Several of our resources are available in Spanish. This is very important since we wish to service our Spanish speaking students with credible resources they can relate to.

The Director of Library and Information Services actively promotes information literacy through group training in the classroom, one-on-one sessions with students, active involvement with faculty and the Academic Department. Library services are provided across all of Pillar College instructional sites with the goal of helping our students build new knowledge.

The library continually seeks to provide resources that are appropriate to our student’s needs and authoritative. The library supports the Pillar College mission and strategic plan.