The Frasher Foto Postcard Digitization Project

The Frasher Foto Postcard Digitization Project has enabled the Pomona Public Library to select, scan and display on the Project's Web site, more than 5000 representative images from our Frasher Foto Postcard Collection. The Project was made possible by a grant of Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds through the California State Library for FY 2002-2003.

The photographic postcard images used in this project were selected from the Library's extensive collection with the assistance of a three person team of expert consultants: Michael Dawson, of Dawson's Book Shop, Los Angeles, California; Sally Stein, Professor of Art History, University of California at Irvine; Jennifer Watts, Curator of Photographs, The Huntington Library, San Marino,California. The picture postcards chosen for the project were scanned by the Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF) of the University of California at Los Angeles. The Project website was designed by Visual Perspectives Internet Inc. (VPI) of Irvine, California. The project utilized ContentDM, a digital collection management software tool created by DiMeMa Inc., to create, organize, publish and retrieve the digital objects that appear on the Project Web site.

The Library gratefully acknowledges the invaluable contributions of Special Collections Assistant Susan Hutchinson, and Volunteer Betty Peters. Without their dedicated efforts to arrange, identify and organize the Frasher Postcard Collection, this Project could not have been attempted, let alone completed.

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