The City of Pomona Public Library welcomes its visitors to use the library facilities and resources for learning, reading, writing, studying, thinking and obtaining information. These Rules of Library Behavior are intended to ensure the safety and respect of all who come to the library for these purposes, and to preserve and maintain the library resources and facilities.

Responses to inappropriate behavior and/or illegal activity are outlined here to help ensure that the Pomona Public Library's facilities are safe and welcoming and to provide equitable access to materials and services for all library users.

No individual may engage in inappropriate conduct on the premises of the Pomona Public Library, or when using library resources and facilities, or when participating in library programs. Inappropriate conduct includes any individual or group activity prohibited by this policy, as well as any other behavior which is disruptive to other library visitors or staff using library facilities or resources, or which is otherwise inconsistent with conduct normally associated with a public library.

Accordingly, the Board of Library Trustees of the Pomona Public Library has adopted the following Rules of Library Behavior as necessary for the administration, government, and protection of the library , its visitors, property, and staff.

I. The following behaviors or acts on the part of individuals using the library are grounds for immediate ejection from the premises and suspension of library privileges for the remainder of the day.

1. Loud or disruptive behavior, including yelling, talking loudly, running, throwing objects, or any misuse of library facilities which disturbs the quiet environment of the library and its activities.
2. Obstructing entrances, exits, aisles and passageways; moving library furniture without library staff knowledge or permission.
3. Using vulgar or abusive language with library staff or other patrons.
4. Tampering or playing with library equipment such as computers, rental typewriters, photo-copy machines, elevator, etc.
5. Being under the influence of any substance to the point of disorientation, disruption, or possible harm to oneself or others.
6. Carrying of weapons or items such as chains, clubs, sticks, pipes, etc., that could be used as weapons in a manner that is threatening to library staff or patrons.
7. Soliciting money, cigarettes, etc., from library staff or patrons.
8. Eating, drinking, or smoking in the library.
9. Making unwanted verbal or physical advances to library staff or patrons; following or stalking library patrons and staff in the building or on the grounds.
10. Making unauthorized entry into any STAFF ONLY area.
11. Using personal equipment (such as cellular phones and audio players) that is disruptive, noisy, or unsafe. Audio equipment may be used with headphones if it does not disturb others.
12. Refusing to relinquish computer equipment or other library resources after scheduled time period for use has expired.
13. Bringing animals (except seeing-eye dogs) into the library.
14. Rollerblading, skating, skateboarding or riding a bicycle inside or near entryways to the library .
15. Misusing restrooms by laundering personal belongings, bathing, or urinating or defecating on walls, floors or fixtures.
16. Sleeping in the library , snoring, or sprawling across furniture as a result of sleeping.
17. Causing overcrowding in seating areas by sitting more than four (4) persons to a table, two (2) persons to a computer workstation, or one (1) person to a carrel or chair.

Any person who has been ejected from the premises but attempts to return on the same day, will be prohibited from entering the library and subject to the loss or denial of library privileges for a period of up to one year at the discretion of the Library Director or the Director's authorized designee.

II. The following behaviors or acts on the part of individuals using the library are grounds for permanent exclusion from the premises, loss or denial of library privileges, and/or criminal prosecution if the conduct constitutes a violation of either State law or the Pomona Municipal Code.

1. Regular and repeated disturbing or harassing of library staff or patrons.
2. Deliberate defacing of library material or property, including, but not limited to: writing in, highlighting or annotating library materials; cutting, tearing or removing pages or parts of pages from library materials.
3. Misusing, altering or tampering with library computer hardware or software.
4. Applying graffiti anywhere on library premises.
5. Theft of either library property or the personal property of library staff or patrons.
6. Physical assaults on library staff or patrons.
7. Lewd behavior such as indecent exposure, voyeurism, sexual advances, etc.
8. Use or sale of any controlled substance on library property.
9. Extortion of funds or personal property.
10. Any act requiring police intervention.
11. Fraudulently conspiring to retain library materials for personal use and/or financial gain.
12. Deliberate refusal to return library materials in order to prevent circulation to other patrons.

Permanent exclusion and the resulting loss or denial of library privileges is subject to appeal to the Library Director and ultimately to the Board of Library Trustees for final disposition. Patrons who wish to appeal their exclusion and loss or denial of library privileges must submit a written request for reinstatement to the Library Director or designee within ten (10) days of being notified of their permanent exclusion. The appeal will be considered by the Board of Library Trustees at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

Patrons who have been excluded and whose library privileges have been revoked must schedule a meeting with the Library Director or designee prior to the full resumption of library privileges. The purpose of the meeting will be to review these Rules of Library Behavior.

Any person who seeks to enter the library during a period of temporary or permanent expulsion, may be subject to criminal charges being filed for trespass. In addition, the Pomona Public Library will uphold all state, federal, and local laws and ordinances with regard to public behavior. Assistance from the Pomona Police Department will be requested as needed.

Approved Board of Library Trustees, January 16, 2003