Accessing your library's digital collection has never been easier

cloudLibrary makes it easy to discover the content you want to read. Whether on the web, a tablet, your mobile device, or your library's discovery terminal you can browse digital shelves curated by your library or filtering by genres that interest you.

Syncs effortlessly across all devices

cloudLibrary by bibliotheca keeps all your books in sync, meaning wherever you choose to read your books you’ll always have your content with you

Personalize your digital experience

One-click category selection allows you to customize which genres you wish to see on your shelves. Advanced filtering allows you to sort by publication date, author, title, recent additions, or rating. Saving titles for future browsing is as easy as adding to your favorites.

A hassle-free digital lending library experience

All you need is a library card to gain access, no separate account required. Easy one-click borrowing and availability on smartphones, e-readers, and computers will keep you coming back for more.

How It Works

  1. download the app - download the app directly from the Apple App Store, Google Play or install the cloudLibrary App for Windows PC or Mac OS X
  2. log in - log into your library: select your state, library, and enter your library ID and PIN. Click agree to terms and log in.
  3. browse, borrow and read - now you are ready to browse, borrow and read eBooks from your local library.