Reviews for The sweetest scoop : Ben and Jerry's ice cream revolution

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In 1963, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield met as 12-year-old boys and became friends who enjoyed biking, camping, and eating pizza together. One summer during their high-school years, Ben drove an ice-cream truck accompanied by Jerry, who sold the frozen treats while telling jokes to the customers. Jobless after college, they brainstormed business ideas and decided to open an ice-cream shop in Burlington, Vermont. After developing their own recipes and trying many potential flavors, they opened their business, which drew crowds. They met challenges with original thinking, fought back against unfair trade practices by a corporate giant, and started a foundation that supports social and environmental justice. Sprinkled with anecdotes, the lively text tells of two men who worked well together, pursuing an entrepreneurial goal with imagination as well as determination. Some of the colorful, expressive illustrations include fanciful drawings of cows sitting at a board table, eating ice cream, and telling kid-friendly jokes in speech balloons. This picture book offers an entertaining account of how Ben and Jerry founded Ben and Jerry’s.