Reviews for Jobs of the future : imaginative careers for forward-thinking kids

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This book imagines careers in the areas of robotics, neuroscience, biology, and physics that young people might have in the future. Some of the fanciful careers listed are air sweeper (removes pollutants from the air), alien spotter (someone who searches for invasive animal species), plastic fisherman (removes microplastics from the ocean), or DNA tailor (a gene editor). Each career includes factual information that contextualizes the career in its field of study. Each job also has a skills and attitudes checklist, though some skills are more facetious than factual—the DNA tailor, for example, needs to have a knack for needlepoint, sewing, or mending. The most appealing aspect of the book are the bright, colorful infographic-like illustrations of animals and people with slightly exaggerated bodies. Readers curious about careers available to them in the future will find these stories entertaining, but the lack of factual information about what the job actually entails makes it a supplemental purchase.