About Us

The Alice Public Library serves the residents of Jim Wells County through its Main Library and Orange Grove branch.

The size of the library collection includes over 60,000 items including bestselling fiction and nonfiction, biographies, DVDs, videocassettes, audiobooks, large print books, books in Spanish and over many magazine and newspaper subscriptions. The library subscribes to some online services including TexShare Databases. There are 26 public access computers available at the Alice Public Library. On microfilm, the Alice Echo Newspaper is available from year 1899 to a year prior to the most current year. This is not a complete collection of newspapers.

Alice is a bi-cultural community located 45 miles west of Corpus Christi, Texas, 90 miles east of Laredo, Texas and 125 miles north of the Rio Grande Valley and 125 miles south of San Antonio, Texas. Alice is known as the “hub” of South Texas.

Our Mission

The Alice Public Library Has As Its Mission:

TO: Provide information and reference services, formal education support, popular materials, and preschooler’s door to learning.

· Meets the needs of a broad local community
· Provides a pleasant atmosphere and informed staff
· Encourages literacy and improves literacy
· Embraces and supports technology

SO THAT: Through the public library Alice, Texas and the communities of Premont and Orange Grove have access to the world.