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Flashlight by by Lizi Boyd
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Publishers Weekly Boyd follows Inside Outside (2013) with another wordless picture book, this one about a boy's nocturnal backyard explorations. Working in gouache, Boyd paints on vast expanses of black, outlining the boy (who could easily be the same one from the previous book) and his surroundings in a muted gray-blue; using a flashlight, he aims a cone of white light high and low, creating pops of color amid the darkness. He finds a lost boot, spots bat...More

This one summer by Mariko Tamaki, Jillian Tamaki
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Publishers Weekly Rose and Windy, friends for two weeks every summer in nearby Ontario lake cottages, have hit early adolescence. Rose, a bit older, has knowledge and polish that tubby, still-childish Windy lacks, and Windy sometimes bores her. Yet Windy's instincts are often sound, while Rose is led astray by an infatuation with a local convenience store clerk. As Rose's parents' marriage founders and the taunts of local teens wake her ...More

Hand in Hand Ten Black Men Who Changed America by written by Andrea Davis Pinkney and illustrated by Brian Pinkney
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Publishers Weekly Ten influential black men-including Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. Du Bois, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther King Jr.-are profiled in this husband-and-wife team's vibrant collaboration. Andrea Davis Pinkney introduces her subjects with powerful poems, before moving into image-rich, introspective, and candid descriptions of each man's influence on civil rights, culture, art, or politics: "[Malcolm X] th...More

Three-body problem. by by Cixin Liu and Ken Liu
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Book list This novel is a rare treat in several ways. First, it is translated from Chinese, a language from which the West doesn't often get provocative science fiction. Beyond that, this highly deserving blockbuster in China serves as a crash course in both the historically important Cultural Revolution of the mid-twentieth century and the basics of astrophysics. The title itself refers to the complications of calculating gravity's effects on mul...More

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson
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Publishers Weekly Atkinson's new novel (after Started Early, Took My Dog) opens twice: first in Germany in 1930 with an English woman taking a shot at Hitler, then in England in 1910 when a baby arrives, stillborn. And then it opens again: still in 1910, still in England, but this time the baby lives. That baby is Ursula Todd, and as she grows up, she dies and lives repeatedly. Watching Atkinson bring Ursula into the world yet again initially fe...More

The fiery trial : Abraham Lincoln and American slavery by Eric Foner
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Choice As a historical subject, Abraham Lincoln has attracted thousands of books and articles; just the books on his Emancipation Proclamation alone would fill many a library shelf, yet more books on Lincoln appear every year. Foner (Columbia) adds his own interpretation of Lincoln's political career, with an especially careful look at the process of abolishing slavery. Instead of a modern interpretation of Lincoln's actions, Foner places the eman...More

One with Others by CD Wright
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Book list Wright revisits her native Arkansas, during the 1960s, to pay homage to V, a friend and mentor. We learn in a percussively expressive mix of memories, testimonials, news, history, and ruminations that V was unhappily married, too often pregnant, forthright, flintily smart, and avidly literary. ( She had a brain like the Reading Room in the old British Museum. ) Much admired within her circle, bookish, card-playing, and bourbon-drinking V was an ...More

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