How long can books & movies check out for?

How long can books & movies check out for?

A user with over $2.00 in charges on his or her account or on an account linked with his or her household address will not have borrowing privileges until the entire charge has been cleared. Patrons may speak to the library director or assistant director regarding extenuating circumstances.

The checkout periods for library materials by registered users are set as follows:

Books 2 Weeks
New Fiction: 1 week (may be renewed once if there is no hold on the book.)
Magazines 1 Week
Audio Books 2 Weeks
Fiction Videos/DVDS 7 Days with a limit of 7 Feature film DVDs per library card.
Music CDs 1 Week.


Friends of the Library may extend check out time by 1 week and may check out up to 4 DVDs per card.  Check at the front desk to see how you can join Friends of the Library.  Memberships begin in March and may be renewed the next March.