Reviews for Inheritance

by Nora Roberts

Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

A woman inherits a haunted seaside mansion in Maine from a long-lost relative. Sonya MacTavish isn’t having the best year. After finding her fiance in bed with another woman, she wonders why she ignored so many obvious red flags about him. Sonya eventually leaves the Boston graphic design firm where they both worked after months of harassment and gaslighting, but she’s determined to succeed despite these setbacks. One day a lawyer appears at her door, revealing that her late father, who was adopted as a newborn, had a twin brother he never knew about. This uncle left her a large, rambling mansion in a small coastal town in Maine, but his will stipulates that she must live in the house for three years in order to claim her inheritance. Sonya’s innate stubbornness and strong survival instinct come in handy after discovering the house is haunted by a bevy of ghosts, collectively known as the lost brides. In 1806, a woman was murdered inside the house on her wedding day by a jealous witch, creating a curse so powerful it has lasted generations. A total of seven women have been killed by the curse; their ghosts are a benevolent presence in the house, but the witch’s angry, vengeful ghost also inhabits the place and tries to scare Sonya away. While sleeping, Sonya experiences the memories of the murdered brides and realizes that the ghosts are providing her with clues she can use to finally break the curse. Roberts is in fine form here. Her lush, ethereal world of ghosts and spirits is the perfect foil for Sonya’s down-to-earth, almost spartan manner. Another Roberts hallmark is on display: her continuing thematic exploration of how an individual defeats evil—not by acting alone, but by forming a community and harnessing its members’ strength and power for the coming battle. Exciting launch for Roberts’ new trilogy, which promises to explore the mystical power of women to do both good and evil. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.