Reviews for Behind The Seams

by Dolly Parton with Holly George-Warren

Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

The sparkly story of country music’s most recognizable woman told through an archive of outfits. Featuring fringe, vibrant color, and rhinestones, Parton’s fashion sense has always contributed to her immense popularity. In this effervescent, full-color volume, Parton, along with veteran music and pop-culture writer George-Warren and Seaver, the director of archive services for the author, recounts the vivid tales behind the clothes. Blocks of text run alongside photographs as Parton looks back on her poor childhood, when she was fascinated with clothing and creating makeup from foraged household items. Inspired by Mae West, she writes about many of her pivotal career moments, including her move to Nashville in 1964 to become a country musician, despite warnings to tone down her image. “From early on, I loved the big hair and makeup,” she writes, “the long nails, the high heels, the flashy clothes, and—as soon as I could afford them—the rhinestones!” Passion is the common element throughout this graciously and generously illuminated book, commemorating her celebrity, zest for sparkling fashion, and identity as a funny, outspoken, effortlessly charming personality. A woman who wins over audiences with bubbly giggles, candid opinions, and a bedazzled, often risk-taking wardrobe, Parton moves with ease through the design innovations that have marked her decadeslong career as a music and fashion trailblazer. From album cover shots to photos from TV and movie appearances and award ceremonies, Parton’s personal style shines brightly as she shares the intricate details behind the glittered fringe, coiffured wigs, rhinestone stilettos, and glamorous designer collaborations that have made her wardrobe unique. She also writes frankly about how the weight of those outfits could be overwhelming, often making it a challenge to perform on stage. From beneath its splashy hot-pink cover emerges an unforgettable personal and professional history of a beloved country music performer whose outfits “reflect my innermost self, my own personal truth.” A must-have treasury for diehard Dolly fans and armchair fashionistas. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.