Reviews for No Time Like The Future

by Michael J Fox

Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

In his fourth book, Fox expresses gratitude for the past and looks to the future with a firm grasp on how to be “both a realist and an optimist.” Though the actor, activist, and author has lived a blessed life, he has also faced plenty of adversity. In 1991, at 29, following early success with Family Ties, Teen Wolf, and the Back to the Future series, he was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s disease, a devastating blow that would stop many people in their tracks. But Fox continued to work. After his diagnosis, he had roles in Spin City, Rescue Me, Boston Legal, and The Michael J. Fox Show, among other TV show and film appearances. In his latest book, the author, who has recently suffered from a spinal cord issue, is both optimistic and self-reflective: “Have I oversold optimism as a panacea, commodified hope? Have I been an honest broker with the Parkinson’s community? The understanding I’ve reached with Parkinson’s is sincere, but the expression of it risks being glib.” Fox is refreshingly candid about his latest ailment, which has necessitated frequent use of a wheelchair. He gracefully takes readers on his journey from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for the risky surgical procedure and then New York City for intense rehab, and he praises his compassionate doctors and their top-notch care. The tone of the memoir is not entirely somber; though Fox ponders death, he also shares memories of a safari in Tanzania and a trip to Mount Everest: “Flying over the Himalayas is like housesitting for God.” Throughout, the author clearly expresses his love for his family: his wife of 30 years, Tracy Pollan Fox, their four children, and Gus, the family dog. A heartfelt, unselfish book about never giving up that should serve as good motivational material for readers. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.