Meeting Room

To reserve the Olson Community Room please contact City Hall at 324-1075.


The library does not have a separate space for reservation, but you may host an event or have meetings at the library under the following conditions:

a.  That the program be, at least in part, library or culturally oriented.
b.  That any meetings shall not interrupt or conflict with regular library usage.
c.  Refreshment shall be compatible with the limited facilities of the library.
d.  That all meetings shall be arranged with the library director, who shall then make any necessary arrangements for supervision.
e.  It is the policy of the Board that the library meeting room shall be available for patrons, and accordingly, it is the policy of the Board that the meeting room shall not be scheduled for regular continuing meetings by outside organizations, and any outside organization shall be encouraged to not schedule more than one meeting each year in the library meeting room.


There is no cost to use the library as a meeting room.