Now Exhibiting - Library

OrlemannTuesday Morning.

A joint exhibit by Valerie Orlemann and Arlene Braithwaite.

Will be displayed through October. 34 Pieces. Pieces available for purchase.

From Valerie Orlemann, "A few years ago, I was recovering from major surgery and finding it hard to get outdoors for plein air painting. My friend Arlene offered to come get me and take me painting with her. I was wobbly, and couldn't paint for very long at first. But we went painting again, and then again. I slowly recovered. And it was fun. Eventuially we decided to paint on Tuesday mornings whenever life and weather allowed. We meet at Starbucks and ask each other where we feel like painting. Sometimes we get there, and sometimes we find something beautiful to paint before we reach wherever we thought we were going.

Many of the paintings here started outdoors on a Tuesday morning. The idea to do an exhibit together started on a Tuesday morning, too. 

We hope you enjoy our exhibit."