Children's Book Lists
Historical Fiction

Title                                                                   Call Number

Ben and Me –                                                                X LAW
President Taft is Stuck in the Bath -                         XF BAR

Imogene's Last Stand -                                               XF FLE
Number the Stars -                                                      X LOW

My America - After the Rain -                                    pb X OSB
Lost in the War -                                                           X ANT

Escape by Night: A Civil War Adventure -               X MYE
The Bushwhacker: Civil War Adventure -                X GAR

Foster's War -                                                                 X REE
The Song of Stones River: A Civil War Novel -        X GUN

The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail -                X PEC
Iron thunder : the battle between

the Monitor & the Merrimac : a Civil War novel -   X AVI
Sophia's war : a tale of the Revolution -                    X AVI

The last brother : a Civil War tale -                            X NOB

Manners - Fiction

Title                                                                   Call Number

Sidewalk Patrol (Respect for Others) -    XF BRI (early reader)

Money Troubles (Responsibility) -           XF BRI (early reader)

Pet Show (Patience) -                                  XF BRI (early reader)

Sparkle Thing (Honesty) -                          XF BRI (early reader)

Messy Lot (Cooperation) -                         XF BRI (early reader)

Vote for Isaiah! (Being Fair)-                     XF SUE







Books in Spanish - Fiction

Title                                                Call Number

Pink y Say –                                       XF POL

The Very Hungry Catepillar -         XF CAR

La Casa Adormecida –                    BB WOO

Lewis Cardinal's first winter –      XF JOH

Bear at Home (Oso en Casa) -       XF BLA

Amelia Bedelia –                              XF PAR

Bedtime Monster –                          XF BUR

Books in Spanish - Nonfiction

Title                                                   Call Number

Por Avion -                                           X629.13

Rubia and the Three Osos -              X398.2 ELY

(Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears)

En Carro -                                            X 629.222 ASH




Days of the Week

Title                                                      Call Number

Little Pea by Amy Rosenthal -                 XF ROS


Title                                                  Call Number

A Ride on Mother's Back –           X 392 BER

The American Wei –                      XF POM

Gender Neutrality

Title                                                                 Call Number

Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys –          XF HOW

Not All Princesses Dress In Pink –                XF YOL

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? -            XF COY

A Girl Named Dan –                                        XF MAC

My Princess Boy-                                             XF KIL

Jacob's New Dress -                                        XF HOF

The Story of Ferdinand -                                XF LEA

The Princess in Black                                      X HAL












Title                                                                                         Call Number

-Lemonade for Sale-                                                             XF MUR

-The Penny Pot-                                                                     XF MUR

-Divide or Ride-                                                                     XF MUR


-How Many Pumpkin Seeds-                                              XF MCN

-Inch Worm and a Half   (measuring)                               XF PIN

-One Hundred Hungry Ants-  (counting by 5's & 10's)  XF PIN

-Remainder of One-                                                               XF PIN

-Inch by Inch-                                                                          XF LIO

-The Cookie Fiasco                                                                 XF SAN

-Spaghetti and Meatballs for All                                         XF BUR


Counting to 10:

Little Oink by Amy Rosenthal -                                           XF ROS

Little Hoot by Amy Rosenthal -                                           XF ROS


Counting to 12:

I Count for Something (ages 5 - 8) -                                   XF FEL


Title                                                             Call Number

Big Friend, Little Friend -                     XF LAG (Early Reader)


You're Not My Real Mother                      XF FRI

New Siblings

Julius, the Baby of the World                   XF HEN