4-Hour Field Trips

Field Trip: A trip through which participants study and learn firsthand.

There's nothing like a field trip!

The Cedar City Library is opening its doors and moving outside to more fully complete our mission to serve "as a source of self-education, personal enrichment and as a repository of local history." We're taking people on field trips!

Summer 2023 field trips included: 

  • West Desert History, Flora, Fauna, and Wildlife with Dr. Paul Larson, emeritus, Southern Utah University.
  • Rush Lake Petroglyphs with Dr. Emily Dean. 
  • Cemeteries of Iron County with Ryan Paul and Steve Decker.
  • IG Winery / Policy Kings Brewery tours with Jaden Reardon and Sara Ridgel.
  • Birdwatching with Steve Hedges and Jeremy Snow.


We are in the process of building our 2024 series (May - September). If you have suggestions, email Steve at dsteve@cedarcity.org.