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On the Calendar:  Friday, 5/12/2017 10:00 AM
Adult Book Club: Reading: The Postmistress by Sarah Blake, "a tale of lost innocence, of how we bear the fact that war is going on at the same time as ordinary lives continue." Sign-up and borrow a copy from the library. Calendar

Library News

Adult Book Club

Friday, May 12

10:00 am

We will be reading

" The Postmistress"

by Sarah Blake

"a tale of lost innocence,

of how we bear the fact that

war is going on at the same time

as ordinary lives continue"

Pick up a copy at the library!

Homebound Library Service

We are pleased to announce 

that we are offering a homebound

delivery service within the

city limits of Kanawha including

residents of the care center.

Please call the library if you or

someone you know would like us to bring

the library to them: 641-762-3595.



The Kanawha Public Library has received an Aureon Charity Grant in the amount of $1000 to furnish supplies for the Maker Space area. Upon reviewing an abundance of applications, the Aureon Charity Grant Committee delegated funds to projects committed to the betterment of local Iowa communities. Aureon, formerly Iowa Network Services, believes in rewarding various organizations for their passion and dedication to advancing their own neighborhoods. The grant was presented in conjunction with Communications 1 who sponsored the grant application.

The Kanawha Public Library is seeking to encourage interaction between patrons of all ages as they make and create their own projects.  Some older patrons are interested in sharing their skills in lost arts such as knitting and crocheting with younger generations. Activities like coloring have been shown to be therapeutic and relaxing. In the Maker Space area, patrons of all ages can enjoy spending time together doing what they love.

The library also wishes to encourage more socialization and interpersonal skills among the children and young adults coming to the library. Having board games and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) kits available would help promote development of good social skills and higher thinking strategy skills.

Matching funds were granted by the inFaith Community Foundation and made possible through the generosity and recommendation of the Communications 1 Network Charitable Fund.

E-Book Information


We participate in BRIDGES:

Iowa's eLibrary, offering eBooks and audiobooks

available to download for free anytime, anywhere.

Remember you can download

eBooks & audiobooks

to your portable devices too,

including tablets and smartphones.

If you have any troubles,

come into the library

and we will help you solve your tech issues.





121 N. Main Street Kanawha, IA 50447  |  Phone: 641-762-3595
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