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Good Reads

Picks of the Week as published in The Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald


Adult Fiction
“Letters From Home” by Kristina McMorris
It’s 1944 and Liz Stephens doesn’t have the slightest interest in attending a USO Club dance with her girlfriends. However, that was before she met Private Morgan McClain. Later, one of her friends asks help in writing to Private McClain after he goes overseas. Liz hesitantly agrees. As the war draws to an end, Liz and her friends face its consequences in each of their lives. Morgan McClain is one of these consequences.

Adult Non-Fiction
“The Saga of the Pony Express” by Joseph J. DiCerto
It’s hard to imagine that the notable Pony Express lasted only eighteen months. Read the interesting story of its beginnings, the incredible bravery of its riders and financial backers, and its inevitable end in this history of the Pony Express and the brave Americans that made it possible.

Young Adult
“Dead Girls Don’t Write Letters” by Gail Giles
Sunny’s older sister, Jazz, is listed as a potential victim when her apartment house burns down. However, three months later, Sunny receives a letter from her. Then Jazz herself shows up…or does she?

“Millie Waits for the Mail” by Alexander Steffensmeier
Millie isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill dairy cow. She has an extraordinary hobby: she lies in wait each day for the mail carrier – and chases him right off the farm! How on earth will the farmer ever get Millie to stop? The mail carrier has an idea!


Adult Fiction
“Cream Puff Murder” by Joanne Fluke
Fitness instructor Ronni Ward is found dead in the gym’s Jacuzzi. A box of cream puffs, purchased at Hannah Swensens’ bakery, is discovered at the crime scene. When they’re linked to Hannah’s friend, Detective Mike Kingston, he reaches out to Hannah for help.

Adult Non-Fiction
“Just Desserts: The Unauthorized Biography of Martha Stewart” by Jerry Oppenheimer
To many, Martha Stewart’s name is synonymous with cooking and entertaining. Even before her conviction, her life was far from perfect. Using hundreds of interviews with relatives, friends, and associates, this unauthorized biography reveals some not-so-glamorous truths about the queen of domesticity.

Young Adult
“Bittersweet” by Sarah Ockler
Hudson Avery once had the life she’d dreamed of…until it all unraveled. Now she spends all her time baking cupcakes for her mother’s diner and wishing for things to be the way they were. When circumstances change, she gets a second chance to fulfill her dreams. However, her life is not the only thing that’s changed – her dreams have, too.

“Donutheart” by Sue Stauffacher
Franklin Donuthead has graduated to the perils of middle school. Who knew growing up would be so dangerous? Restroom confrontations, seat selection snafus, cafeteria conundrums – middle school is a veritable minefield of mishaps for the misinformed. However, with some good friends and a little courage, Franklin just might make it.


Adult Fiction
“Peace Like a River” by Leif Enger
Eleven-year-old Reuben Land lives with his father, brother, and sister in Minnesota. When tragedy strikes, Reuben’s brother is jailed for defending his family. When he escapes before his sentencing, Reuben and his family set out to find him.

Adult Non-Fiction
“Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace With Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan” by Greg Mortenson
In this sequel to “Three Cups of Tea”, Greg Mortenson tells the story of how his non-profit Central Asia Institute began a new work in Afghanistan. Rach the story that begins with a request from Abdul Rashid Khan’s horsemen in 1999 and ends with a promise kept in 2009.

Young Adult
“Refugee Boy” by Benjamin Zephaniah
Alem Kelo’s father is Ethiopian. His mother is Eritrean. Because of Alem’s dual status, his family is not welcome in either country. Not only are they not welcome, their very lives are in danger.

“Five Minute’s Peace” by Jill Murphy
Mrs. Large has three active, little Larges. It is all go, all the time, at her house. Mrs. Large needs a break – just five minutes’ peace. Will she ever get it?


Adult Fiction
“Neighborhood Watch” by Cammie McGovern
Twelve years ago, Betsy Treading was convicted of murdering her neighbor, Linda Sue Murphy. Now, DNA evidence has exonerated her in the eyes of the law, but not in the eyes of her neighbors and friends. Betsy knows the only way to truly clear her name is to find Linda Sue’s real killer.

Adult Non-Fiction
“Let It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven” by T. D. Jakes
Forgiving someone is not for their benefit; it’s for ours. Forgiving removes the power of the offense to poison us. However, it is not always easy to forgive others. Join T. D. Jakes as he explores and explains the power of forgiveness to forever change our lives.

Young Adult
“The Trouble in Me” by Jack Gantos
Jack’s family has moved – again. In the fall he’ll be starting another new school. Six schools by the eighth grade was just too much. How on earth would he learn to fit in – again?! Well, maybe he’ll take a page from his next-door neighbor, Gary (who just got back from juvenile hall for car theft) and not even try.

“Cody and the Mysteries of the Universe” by Tricia Springstubb
Cody’s best friend, Spencer, is moving into her neighborhood. Cody can hardly wait! However, Spencer isn’t the only new neighbor in the neighborhood. Can Cody make friends with the Meen girls, or will they live up to their name?

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