Reviews for Full moon rising Riley jenson guardian series, book 1. [electronic resource] :

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Fun and feisty urban fantasy (with a liberal dose of romance), the first in a new series. Riley Jensen is a werewolf/vampire crossbreed who works for Melbourne's Directorate of Other Races—a paramilitary organization that polices nonhuman criminals. Despite Riley's werewolf/vampire heritage, she still acts and thinks like a human, except for those seven days before the full moon each month, when her hormones drive her to mate like a wolf in heat. Riley's willpower is tested when, under the influence of this primal urge, she comes home one night to find a naked, amnesiac—not to mention well-endowed—vampire on her doorstep; but this vampire is more than a pretty face—he's the wealthy owner of a major airline, with a would-be killer on his trail. Riley's roommate/twin brother Rhoan was supposed to assist the vampire, but with Rhoan MIA, Riley is the only one who can help, and this mysterious vampire might be the only one who can, in turn, help her find Rhoan. There's nothing terribly original here, but Arthur's characters are well-drawn. Though the book has its share of heated romance passages that might make the typical fantasy reader blush, they don't overwhelm the story. Effective crossbreeding of romance and urban fantasy that should please fans of either genre. Copyright ŠKirkus Reviews, used with permission.