New Horizons

“New Horizons” is an art and craft program sponsored by the Cedar City Public Library. Its goal is to provide a mentored event as participants are introduced to new art and craft forms or as participants work to improve their current skills. Most events are hands-on, some are demonstration only.


What skill level is required to attend "New Horizons"? None. In fact, "New Horizons" was origially developed for the extreme novice or even the "just interested" participant. As the program has progressed, we have opened it up to anyone who feels they could benefit from a group session with a mentor. 

What age group is invited? While we generally wouldn't turn anyone away, "New Horizons" is developed specifically for the out-of-high school participant. The Cedar City Library is pleased to present and seek out programming for all demographics in the community. But don't be concerned! Saying that "New Horizons" is for the adult demographic does not mean that it is what some might call adult themed.

Is "New Horizons" always held at a particular time? No. In the past, we tried to set out a specific evening and time for "New Horizons." We have learned to be flexible. Now we schedule the events as mentors become available and as interest in a particular art or craft subject arises. Most events are held on week nights. 

How long do "New Horizons" events last? That depends on the mentor but none last longer than three hours.

Are there ever events with multiple sessons? Yes, but not regularly. Thought participants sign up for seperate "New Horizons" events like watercoloring or ceramics, some events could be multi-session events. Take ceramics for instance. Participants may spend one session creating their work of art. Then a second session, after the clay is dry, to sand and glaze the work. 

Are all "New Horizons" events held at the Library? No. While we want to keep the Library a focal point in all Library programs, we realize that not all programs can be held here. The Library does not have pottery wheels, for example. Or perhaps a mentor would rather work in his or her own studio where supplies are most available. Make sure to double check your "New Horizons" ticket from Eventbrite to confirm the date, time, and place of the event you will attend. Please remember, just because an event is held at a private studio, participants do not have access to that studio other than during event time. 

Is preregistration required? Yes. Space is limited at most sessions and the Library uses Eventbrite as a registration platform. Click here to be taken to the Eventbrite registration page.

Are events free? Not necessarily. Here's how it works. If the mentor does not charge for time or materials, then there is no cost to the participants. Each patricipant, however, should still sign up through Eventbrite. Most mentors will have set a minimum and a maximum number of participants for each event. If the mentor charges a fee, then the Library will charge a fee according to the Cedar City Fee Schedule. Eventbrite fees will also be charged to the participant.

For example: A recent "New Horizons" mentor charged a fee of $5 for the event. The City Fee Schedule directs that 10% or a mininum of $1 be charged if the mentor charges a fee. Eventbrite charged an aditional $2 in fees. The total cost of the "New Horizons" event was $8.

Are materials included in the registration? Not necessarily. Mentors may bring necessary materials or they may provide a minimum list of materials that participants will have to get themselves. Again, check the Eventbrite registration information. It will tell you whether materials are furnished or it will provide a specific list of materials needed for the workshop.

Are there other resources for similar things? Yes. Check SUU's Community Education page at

I still have questions or I want to be a mentor. Call Steve at 435-586-6244.


Examples of past "New Horizons" events are below.

Learning Portraiture with Tiffany Marchant, February 10, 2002.












Learning to use Pastel with Arlene Braithwaite, October 21, 2021: Arlene Braithwaite has mounted solo exhibitions at the Springville Art Museum, the St. George Art Museum, the Utah Museum of Natural History, and Zion National Park’s Museum of Human History and in several publications.

Click here to see all images of work produced during this workshop.

Photo of Arlene Braithwaite teaching pastel painting at the Cedar City Public Library.







Learning Cell Phone Video with Peter Anger, July 15, 2021: Artist & professional photographer for over forty years. Exploring light paintings and light constructions for over thirty years. Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications; Cinema, & Photography specialization. 2016 Graduate Certificate; "Online Educator" University of Missouri, Columbia.

There are no other images available for this event.

Photo courtesy of Peter Anger.






"A.I." (Artificial Intelligence) Assisted Artwork with Charles Carter, January 21, 2021.

There are no other images for this event.

Photo courtesy of Charles Carter.







Beginning Watercolor with Mona Woolsey; July 16, 2020, June 18, 2020, & October 22, 2019. The Southern Utah Museum of Art once described Mona Woolsey as a 'veteran artist." Now retired (but exceptionally busy) Mona has been a life-long advocate for the arts. As a member of the Cedar City Library Board and as an involved volunteer, she has been a driving force behind the Library's "Character Sketches" and "New Horizons" programs.

Click here for photos from three beginning watercolor events.

Photo of one of the watercolor paintings from Mona's beginning watercolor class.





Bookmaking with Sue Cotter, January 16, 2020. Sue Cotter was born in Kalispell, Montana in 1955. She earned her B.A. in art from the University of Nevada, Reno. In 1988 she returned to UNR to study letterpress printing with Robert Blesse at the Black Rock Press. There she began making one of a kind and limited edition artist books. She now lives in Parowan, Utah where she has her own letterpress studio.

Click here to see all images of the bookmaking event.

Photo courtesy of Sue Cotter.




Fused Glass with Mona Woolsey, August 22, 2019. The Southern Utah Museum of Art once described Mona Woolsey as a 'veteran artist." Now retired (but exceptionally busy) Mona has been a life-long advocate for the arts. As a member of the Cedar City Library Board and as an involved volunteer, she has been a driving force behind the Library's "Character Sketches" and "New Horizons" programs.

There are no more images for fused glass.

Photo of items made in the fused glass class.







Beginning Ceramics with Spencer Davis; Hand-built Ceramics, July 30 & 31, 2019 and Wheel Ceramics, February, 28, 2019. Spencer Davis teaches ceramics at Canyon View High School. He has taught beginning courses in both wheel- and hand-built ceramics for "New Horizons." 

Click here for all photos of beginning ceramics.

Photo of Spencer Davis at the wheel.
















(Above) Digital Art Using the Procreate Art App with Jeremy Wilson, May 16, 2019. From Jeremy's website: "I am committed to helping my clients achieve their project goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I work with developers, producers and art directors to create concept art and 2D/3D assets for a variety of entertainment media, from video games to board game figurines to book illustrations."

There are no more photos of this event.

Photo on the left: Representation of Santiago, from The Old Man and The Sea by Erneast Hemingway, produced during Cedar City Library's "Character Sketches" program. Center and right photos: Fom the "New Horizons" event.





Beginning Figure Drawing with Barbara Prestwich, March 19, 2019. Artist/teacher Barbara Prestwich led a human figure drawing event that discussed proportion and offered draped male and female models. 

Click here for photos from this event.

Photo of Phil Jensen modeling for participants. 







Learning Embroidery with Sandra Benson, January 10, 2019. When you start a new program, you turn to those you can trust. Here is the Library Director's sister, Sandra Benson, teaching participants the craft of embroidery. Sandra is a life-long embroiderer. One piece of her work is displayed in the photo on the left.