Student Center Library Community Standards

Student Center Community Standards for the Library

  • NPC academic students are given priority access to the library resources; books, computers, printers and study rooms. Community patrons and visitors are welcome to use the resources as long as the students do not need them. Community patrons could be asked to move out of a study room or vacate a computer terminal if a student needs to utilize it.
  • Study rooms may be reserved in advance for up to two hours per session but limited to three weeks prior to the date.
  • Children are welcome! Children under sixteen years old must be accompanied by an adult. Young children could be asked to leave if they are disruptive.
  • Please observe the posted food policy. Covered drinks and snack foods are acceptable. Dispose of your trash properly and contact staff for any accidental spills.
  • The noise in the library needs to be maintained at a level that is considerate of students concentrating on their studies. Conversations need to remain low, headphones are available at the front desk to listen to the audio on computers and cell phones need to be in the vibrate mode.
  • Service dogs need to be leashed in consideration of students that are not comfortable with animals. Please see staff regarding other species of support animals.
  • Students or patrons who consistently fail to return checked out library materials on time could lose their borrowing privileges.
  • Instructional Librarians are available to help students with reference and resource harvesting along with paper writing skills.
  • The Library is a dedicated printing center and student academic needs are the priority.
  • Library personnel are available for assistance please treat them with respect at all times.
  • Engaging in disruptive behavior may result in being asked to leave.